Campus News 2013

For Immediate Release
November 21, 2013

Schreiner’s BSN program receives full accreditation

Schreiner University Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Schreiner University’s Bachelor of Science in nursing program received accreditation from the Board of Commissioners of the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education in early October and now is a fully accredited program.

Dr. Lena Rippstein, assistant professor and director of nursing at Schreiner, said she and the rest of the nursing staff are extremely thankful for the last step in the accreditation process being finalized.

“We’re feeling very blessed,” Rippstein said. “We knew we’d taken all the right steps, but you just never know until that accreditation comes through.”

With the program accredited, Rippstein said the focus for the BSN program is to keep providing students will a well-rounded and engaging education.

“We have four full-time professors and two adjunct professors right now, and hopefully we can grow in the future,” she said. “Thirty students is our cap right now, and I think it is great that we’re small and can tailor to every student.”

The need for health care professionals will only continue to rise, and Rippstein said she is so thrilled to be the only university in the Hill Country to offer fully-certified BSN and LVN courses.

“We’re just so glad students put their faith and trust in us,” Rippstein said. “We want to strive for the highest quality program.”

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