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Schreiner student to participate in nuclear chemistry school

Tristan Schreiner Chemistry MajorTristan Adamson, a Schreiner University chemistry major from Bandera, has been selected to participate in the American Chemical Society’s summer school in Nuclear and Radiochemistry at Brookhaven National Laboratory on New York’s Long Island.

During the six-week session which starts June 11, Adamson will have the opportunity to visit research sites, attend guest lectures, and meet and interact with prominent research scientists working in nuclear and radiochemistry.

He was awarded a scholarship which pays for travel, housing, tuition, books and supplies.  Also, he will earn a stipend of $4,000.



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Competition for participation in the program this summer was intense, says Dr. J. David Robertson, director of the National Nuclear Chemistry Summer School. “We had more than 130 highly qualified applicants for 24 slots.”

Adamson wants to eventually earn a doctorate in chemistry--either organic, inorganic, physical, or nuclear--then work in industry. “The Nuclear Summer School will no doubt help me in my decision as to which field to pursue,” he says.

“I hope to make professional contacts with members of the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as experts in the Nuclear Chemistry Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory,” says Adamson. “I also hope to gain a great foundation in nuclear/radiochemical concepts and laboratory procedures, which will be a huge advantage for me in future job applications.”

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And while he’s in the neighborhood, he hopes to experience as much of New York as possible during his six-week stay.

Dr. Danette Vines, Schreiner professor of chemistry, alerted Adamson to the program and wrote a recommendation letter for him.

“Without the great teaching of all the professors, I wouldn't have been able to make high enough grades to be accepted in the first place,” says Adamson. “I owe a lot to their patience and time with me over the past few years.”

“Tristan has the background and the motivation to achieve great things,” says Dr. Kiley Miller, interim dean of the School of Sciences and Mathematics. “We look forward to watching him develop into a world-class chemist.”

Facilitated by faculty members Dr. Vines, Dr. Susan Klinedinst, and Dr. Adrian Zapata, Adamson has been selected multiple times to do undergraduate research as a Welch-Schreiner Summer Scholar, a program funded through a grant by the Robert A. Welch Foundation of Houston.

“Schreiner University and the Trull School of Sciences and Mathematics value the opportunities that have been provided through the relationship with the Welch Foundation,” says Dr. Miller.  Through that relationship, Schreiner has obtained Federal research/education grants from the National Science Foundation, including a $5.6 million HSI-STEM grant from the Department of Education in 2016.