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Schreiner Students Give Back - Alternative Spring Break 2018

Students give back during alternative spring break 

This spring break, instead of heading to South Padre Island to drink tropical drinks on the beach and enjoy some fun in the sun, students from Schreiner University will be roughly three hours north giving back to an area devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The students will be working in conjunction with the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Agency’s efforts and will be staying at Parkway Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi. While using Parkway Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi as their home base for the week, students will be working throughout Port Aransas and Rockport.

Maggie Otero, a sophomore at Schreiner University, thinks doing this kind of work is the right thing to do. Otero says, “If you’re going to be spending a week doing something, you should spend it helping someone else.”

Maggie and Kelsey talk about Alternative Spring Break

The group is expected to participate in a significant amount of mucking out of homes and will also aid in the rebuilding process.

Last year during spring break, a group of Schreiner students made the long trek to Louisiana to aid in the recovery of that area after prolonged rainfall resulted in immense flooding and 13 deaths. 

Coordinator of Purposeful Lives, Kelsey Penn says this year’s alternative spring break was supposed to be spent in the Dominican Republic, however when she saw so many people hurting so close to home, she moved the Dominican Republic trip to next year. Penn says, “It felt so unethical to go to the Dominican Republic when we had people right here, people in our own community, who lost their homes.”

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