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Overview of the Online RN to BSN Program

The fully-online ADN to BSN degree will give you the education and skills you need to advance your career and meet the ever-changing needs of the nursing profession. As you participate in Schreiner’s Online RN to BSN program, you will complete innovative coursework that is interwoven with ethical principles. Our program is built for your success—you can maintain your nursing career while having the flexibility to earn an accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. As an accelerated Online RN to BSN degree, our students can complete the program in as little as twelve months. In addition to required coursework, you can choose electives that include opportunities abroad or credit for certifications that you already have!


Accreditation Information

Choose an RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing online degree that will work for you. Schreiner University's program has been awarded accreditations from the following organizations:


Admission Requirements

We want you to be successful. The admissions requirements for Schreiner's Online RN to BSN degree are constructed to maximize the likelihood of your success as a professional nurse.

Am I Eligible?

RN to BSN Applicants must::

  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Have an Associates Degree in Nursing from a regionally accredited college/university
  • Send ALL official college transcripts
  • Hold a current, unencumbered license as a Registered Nurse in the United States
  • Complete the online application
  • Pay the $50.00 application fee


Finish Fast with Five Start Dates

Schreiner’s Online RN to BSN Program offers five flexible start dates per year and six terms per year. If you meet minimal outstanding general education requirements, you can quickly complete our accelerated RN to Bachelor of Science online program in as little as one year.

Fall B 2017 October 2nd, 2017 October 16th, 2017
Spring A 2018 December 25th, 2017 January 8th, 2018
Spring B 2018 February 19th, 2018 March 5th, 2018
Summer A 2018 April 16th, 2018 April 30th, 2018
Summer B 2018 June 11th, 2018 June 25th, 2018
Fall A 2018 August 6th, 2018 August 20th, 2018


Tuition Cost

Schreiner University is committed to providing an affordable Online RN to BSN degree.  If you are employed with partner healthcare providers, you are eligible for a $2,000  scholarship. This helps reduce the average cost of the RN to BSN program if you qualify.



Professional Nursing ConceptsNURS 3201
The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to professional nursing and the role of the professional nurse in customizing the promotion and maintenance of health to individuals. Course content includes the nature and history of professionalism and processes underlying professional nursing, basic concepts of health and illness, and ethical and legal issues in nursing practice.
Nursing Research—Evidence-Based PracticeNURS 3202
The purpose of this course is to examine the role of research in professional nursing. The value of research-based knowledge as a means to promote quality patient care, the use of the research process as a means to evaluate quality of care, and the role of evidence-based practice in the development of nursing intervention strategies will also be examined.
Topics in Nursing–Health Assessment for the Experienced NurseNURS 4371
This course emphasizes the skills essential to the assessment parameter of the nursing process. The purpose of this course is to broaden the nurse's knowledge base, increase their assessment skills, and facilitate their ability to apply these skills in a clinical setting. The knowledge from this course is immediately applicable to everyday patient care. Another focal point of the course is the evaluation and utilization of research and additional sources of information necessary to address patient needs and provide quality care.
Professional Nursing Issues and EthicsNURS 4201
The purpose of this course is to examine ethical and professional issues and corresponding laws affecting the individual, and practice of professional nursing, and the nursing profession utilizing concepts of autonomy, accountability and advocacy.
Nursing Leadership and ManagementNURS 4303
The purpose of this course is to focus on the role of the professional nurse as a leader and manager in the collaborative design and delivery of customized health care. Traditional management theories and practices are examined utilizing a strong emphasis on the development of transformational leadership, including the organization, planning, staffing, directing, and controlling of various resources in today's diverse health care systems. Students are provided the opportunity to partner with leaders and managers in the clinical practicum setting to explore and influence health care delivery system issues that affect quality of care.
Community Health NursingNURS 4404
The purpose of this course is to focus on the role of nursing in establishing partnership with communities with emphasis on customizing therapeutic care in order to protect, promote, and restore optimal community health. The student will be given the opportunity in the clinical setting to deliver quality community health care across all levels of prevention and to explore the planning and implementation of customized community health programs. Utilizing a leader/manager role as a partner in community health, the student will be provided the opportunity to collaborate with various agencies/institutions and health care delivery systems.
Topics in Nursing—CapstoneNURS 4397
This course is completed by students in one of their last two terms. Each student conceives and completes an application-based project in the nursing subject area of their choice. Students work with individual faculty members who approve the projects and mentor students through the process. The capstone project gives students the opportunity to synthesize the material they have learned across multiple nursing courses and apply it in a practical setting.


Topics in Nursing—Nursing InformaticsNURS 4372
Nursing Informatics examines the history of healthcare informatics, basic concepts, current issues, as well as health information management systems. Students will apply informatics concepts to a current clinical practice setting and will suggest methods for using technology to improve patient safety and work place effectiveness
Topics in Nursing—Politics and PolicyNURS 4373
This course will provide the RN-to-BSN student coursework that will assist in developing an understanding and the tools needed to comprehend how nursing policy and politics interact. Each student will develop the opportunities to apply knowledge from liberal arts and nursing theory in understanding the relationship between nursing policy and politics. Individuals will be evaluated through didactic assessments for their readiness in the comprehension of concepts.
Topics in Nursing—Global Health NursingNURS 4374
This course explores global issues affecting personal, community, and international health and development using approaches from health promotion, population health, and primary health care to help frame analyses.  Nursing students will learn about the basic perspectives on health policy issues in various geographical regions and the effects of significant world events. Global Health Nursing demonstrates how the nurse creates and environment of inclusion and demonstrates evidence-based, quality nursing care in complex situations as well as across health care systems and diverse settings.
Topics in Nursing—Financial Management and NursingNURS 4375
This course explores the economic issues relevant to nursing practice and health care and uses a systems approach to analyzing the financial impact of health care decisions. The course further assesses the financial implications of nursing decisions from a clinical perspective. Topics include a myriad of financial concepts ranging from staffing and budgeting to measuring productivity and forecasting costs. The goal of this course is to enable nurses in managerial roles to implement change without negatively affecting patient care outcomes.
Topics in Nursing—National Certification, 3 hours awardedNURS 4370
 We will accept nursince specialty certifications for 3 hours of nursing elective credit, once they are approved by our Director of Nursing. Examples of approved certifications are Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), and Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN), etc.
Topics in Nursing—Travel course to PeruNURS 4370
 Each year, students have the opportunity to travel abroad along with some of our face-to-face BSN students. The trip destinations vary, but usually take place in early summer for 2 weeks. Ask your advisor today for more information!


Click here to view the SCHREINER CORE

CORE REQUIREMENTS- These co-requisites are required for the BSN degree but may be completed at any time during the program, it is not necessary to complete before beginning the program.

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Schreiner University BSN faculty specialize in educational leadership, diversity, and curriculum and instruction. All faculty are professional educators with multiple years of teaching and administration experience.

image Dr. Maxine Bernreuter
Director of Nursing
Office: Trull Science 223D
(830) 792-7481  |

 phot hold Launa Kindrick
RN to BSN Instructor
(830) 792-7481 |

 image Lillian Barron 
Assistant Professor of Nursing 
Office: Trull Science 223C

 photohold Kim McAlister 
Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Nursing
(830) 792-7481 |

 Mary Pautler Mary Pautler 
Clinical Education Center Coordinator 
Office: Trull Science 223A

photohold Kimberly Carlisle
Online Adjunct Instructor of History
RN-to-BSN Program

photohold Sarah (Sally) Hannay
Professor of English
Office: A.C. Schreiner 202
(830) 792-73274 |


Schreiner University BSN faculty are professional educators with years of teaching and professional experience. Schreiner’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing online degree is a Bachelor's completion program for licensed RNs in Texas. In order to earn the degree, students must satisfy the nursing core, nursing electives, and general education requirements.

All nursing core courses and electives must be taken through Schreiner University, unless transferred from an approved program. However, nurses can be awarded three (3) credit hours towards their nursing electives if they hold a national certification. NURS 3201 must be taken in the first term, and the capstone course must be taken in one of the final two terms. The sequence of the other nursing courses is flexible.

In addition to 31 nursing hours, students need 90 hours of general education credit for a total graduation requirement of 121 credit hours. Students may satisfy their general education requirement with transfer credits; however, all students are required to fulfill the Schreiner Core.

There are five start dates and six sessions per year. Students with minimal outstanding general education requirements can complete this accelerated Online RN to BSN program in as little as 12 months.

Online RN to BSN in Texas

Although the program is fully online, Schreiner University is located in Kerrville, Texas, a short commute from San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Students living anywhere in the state of Texas that are licensed Texas RNs are eligible for the easy application to the Online RN to BSN program.

Course Specifics

Nursing Core—19 hours

NURS 3201 Professional Nursing Concepts, 2 hours
NURS 4371 Health Assessment for the Experienced Nurse, 3 hours
NURS 4201 Professional Nursing Issues and Ethics, 2 hours
NURS 4303 Nursing Leadership and Management, 3 hours
NURS 3202 Nursing Research-EBP, 2 hours
NURS 4404 Community Health Nursing, 4 hours
NURS 4397 Topics in Nursing – Capstone, 3 hours
Electives—12 hours required
NURS 4372 Topics in Nursing—Nursing Informatics, 3 hours
NURS 4373 Topics in Nursing—Politics and Policy, 3 hours
NURS 4374 Topics in Nursing—Global Health Nursing, 3 hours
NURS 4375 Topics in Nursing— Financial Management and Nursing, 3 hours
NURS 4370 Topics in Nursing—National Certification, 3 hours awarded
NURS 4370 Topics in Nursing—Travel course to Cuba
NURS 4370 Topics in Nursing—Travel course to Costa Rica
Selected General Education Offerings—89 hours required
ART 1340 Intro to Visual Arts, 3 hours
ART 2330 Intro to Digital Photography, 3 hours
ENGL 3307 Advanced Composition, 3 hours
HIST 1301 US History through the Civil War, 3 hours
HIST 1302 US History since the Civil War, 3 hours
HIST 1350 World Civilizations to 1600, 3 hours
HIST 1351 World Civilizations to 1600, 3 hours

Note: For information on how your employer can become a partner, contact Danielle Jenschke at or (210)527-6170.

Partner Healthcare Provider Scholarship

Schreiner University’s fully accredited Online RN to BSN program opens even more doors for prospective Texas nursing students by partnering with statewide healthcare providers, offering $2,000 scholarships for its eligible student-employees. If your employer isn’t currently partnered with Schreiner University and is interested in the program, contact Danielle Jenschke at or (210)527-6170.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the RN to BSN FAQ page for more some frequently asked questions about Schreiner's Online RN to BSN program.

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What Do Our Students Think?

Just ask our recent graduates!


Christina Bueche RN, BSN.

-Would you recommend this program to other RNs?
I would! It is challenging yet rewarding. It goes by quickly. Before you know it, you'll be walking across stage thinking, "I did it!"


-How did you feel about the online 7-week format of the courses?
I absolutely loved it! It was long enough to get the work completed without too much stress but short enough to feel like I had taken another step towards my end goal - obtaining a BSN. It definitely kept me motivated to keep on going.


-Did you feel like you had support throughout the program?
I did. I felt like I received support through my peers in the program. We were instructed to complete weekly discussions. In these discussions, we were able to bounce ideas off one another and get into deep conversations regarding the topic of the weeks or even discuss upcoming exams and/or form study groups for those of us that lived in the area.


-How helpful and friendly were the staff throughout the application and enrollment process?
The staff was very friendly and helpful. They answered all of my questions I had and were very thorough in explaining what information I needed to gather in order to apply and begin their program promptly. I applied soon after I completed my ADN and right before I started my first job as an RN at PRMC. They went as far as waiving the application fee for me knowing times were tough at the time!


-How did you feel about the faculty and instructors you had throughout the program?
The faculty was very knowledgeable. Many had 20+ years of nursing experience and great stories to tell. Although it was online, reading the "getting to know your professor" link aided in building a relationship between teacher and student. Each professor had something different to offer. Some were in the military, others worked in larger cities where their nurse to patient ratio was high, and others worked in administration. However, each of their experiences in their area of expertise went hand in hand with the course being taught.



Maryvell Cortez RN, BSN

-Would you recommend this program to other RNs?
I have been recommending this program since I completed.

-How did you feel about the online 7-week format of the courses?
I loved the 7 week format!

-Did you feel like you had support throughout the program?
I felt like I had support from everyone throughout the program.

-How helpful and friendly were the staff throughout the application and enrollment process?
The staff was very friendly throughout the entire enrollment process and always willing to help answer any questions.

-How did you feel about the faculty and instructors you had throughout the program?
The faculty was friendly and knowledgeable.  I did value the time the teachers took to start this program.

-Do you feel like you're able to give better patient care now that you've completed your BSN?
I feel that I am more knowledgeable in making future policies/procedures now that I have completed this program.



Jennifer Connell, RN, current BSN student

I have not been disappointed. I am taking a one year program on line and that can sometimes be overwhelming when you don’t have an actual classroom to attend with instructors you see face to face. From the admission process on, again, all fears or concerns have been alleviated by staff that are prompt to address issues. The classes are easy to follow and the instructors have been incredible. Contacting an instructor is never a problem and responses back from them are in a timely manner, sometimes even immediately.

Read her full review here!

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The BSN program has been awarded initial accreditation with the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).
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Schreiner University is accredited by CHEA-recognized accrediting organization