Dr. Gary Biel

Dr. Gary BielAssociate Professor of Psychology

alma maters: Central State University, now University of Central Oklahoma (BA), University of Louisville (MA and PhD) all in experimental psychology

favorite movies: "Monty Python's Holy Grail"; "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"; "The Blues Brothers"; "Christmas Story"

favorite food: Thai, sushi, and anything with chocolate

favorite type of music:
Rhythm and Blues ala, Delbert McClinton, Bonnie Raitt, or any old Motown record

favorite vacation spot: Key West, FL anytime but spring break

what inspires you: I'm inspired by anyone who has the gift to make others laugh, like Gary Larson, George Carlin, Dave Barry, etc.  I'm also inspired by those who give their all to any cause whether I agree with it or not. Passion is inspiring. Some friends I have who spend all their time rescuing and adopting out abandoned greyhounds come to mind. Click here to learn more about Hill Country Greyhound Adoption.

what's on your night stand?: don't have a night stand, but if I did it would have the latest Stephen King, "Guitar Player" magazine, and any one of a number of psychology textbooks.

hobbies: I write songs, play around with recording music, and have a band called Texas Tide that plays tropical party music. I also spend way too much time window-shopping on ebay for antique musical instruments and rare recordings.

activities on campus: Alpha Lambda Delta faculty advisor, member of Phil n the Blanks (faculty band), chair of Academic Affairs committee, and thorn in the side of MA Parker

favorite class: Intro to Psychology because I get to meet so many great young ladies and gentlemen who aren't afraid to get to know a little bit more about human behavior than they knew before and have some fun with it

why do you like Schreiner: Because it feels like a community. You don't just make acquaintances, you make friends. The catch phrase "Learning by Heart" fits Schreiner to a T.