Dr. David Byrne

David ByrneTitle:  Professor of Psychology

Hometown:   Danville, Illinois
(currently in Boerne, TX)

Alma Maters:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (BA w/High Honors)
University of Connecticut (Ph. D.)

How long have you been with SU?  Since August 1987

favorite movie:  "Local Hero" (from the 1980s)

favorite food: Alaskan King Crab

favorite type of music: Classical and British-American Folk at home, Jazz while driving

favorite vacation spot:  Rockport, TX

favorite book:  "The Border Trilogy" by Cormac McCarthy

who/what/where INSPIRES you & why?   My grandfather, who was orphaned at an early age, and rose from rural poverty to create a loving family/home; and taught an optimistic and wise outlook on life.

what's on your night-stand right now?:   "Mr. Jefferson's Lost Cause" by Roger Kennedy

David Byrnehobbies/interests/extra-curricular activities OUTSIDE SU: Play viola in the Symphony of the Hills, violin at my church most Sundays.  Am becoming a "Civil War buff"; also interested in Texas native plants and styles of American architecture

activities/interests/associations ON CAMPUS:  Also Symphony of the Hills

favorite class to teach @ SU & why: Environmental Psyc because its the most integrative of many areas of psychology, and the most "fun"!

what you like best about SU:  Small classes, and getting to know students personally and watch them grow and develop. Generally love the whole- person centered and friendly environment.