Dr. Steve Ellers

Dr. Steve Ellersyour title: Associate Professor of Political Science

your alma maters:
Park University, BS in Management
Texas State University, MPA
Texas Tech University, PhD

favorite movies: To Kill a Mockingbird; Giant; The Searchers; Blazing Saddles; Seabiscut; Hoosiers

favorite food: Mexican

favorite type of music: Rock and Roll, Country

favorite vacation spot: Las Vegas; the mountains

Dr. Steve EllersWho/what/where INSPIRES you & why? My students. When I see them actively engaged in learning or discovery it is such a thrill. To help them assimilate information, reach an understanding of the material presented, draw their own conclusions, and then articulate it in a clear and concise manner is, for me, primarily what scholarship is intended to accomplish.

What's on your night-stand right now? (book/music/mag/dvd/whatever):
dust, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, more dust

Dr. Steve Ellershobbies/interests OUTSIDE SU: Hacking away at my guitar; golf (hmmm more hacking there too), taking day drives and exploring the historical significance of out of the way places in the area.

<<Dr. Ellers is member of the faculty rock band "Phil In The Blanks" ...

activities ON CAMPUS: Pre-Law society; helping with the establishment of Peer Mediation; sports activities.

favorite class to teach @ SU & why: All of them. I enjoy the interaction with students in class. The subject does not matter, it is seeing their minds open to new thoughts, new ideas. I encourage challenging things they do not agree with and then supporting with empirical evidence, their position.

why (do you like) Schreiner? Ben Franklin said it best--"Show me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." Schreiner is an institution where educating the student is paramount. We recognize that the ramification of a solid educational experience for the student has a ripple effect into the future that few other scholarly endeavors can touch. Some see that as an old fashioned concept but it is the bedrock upon which all understanding and advancement will be made in the future.  Schreiner is a gem because we still get what it is all about.