Dr. Jude Gallik

Dr. Jude Galliktitle: Assistant Professor of Psychology/Director of Learning Support Services

hometown:  Rochester, New York
Your alma mater/s: B.S. Lake Erie College, M.A. University of Texas at San Antonio, Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

Favorite movie:  Casablanca

Favorite food:  Garden fresh vegetables (except okra)

Favorite type of music:  Jazz/bluegrass/rock 'n' roll/folk/world

Dr. Jude Gallik Favorite vacation spot:  Grand Canyon, Arizona

What INSPIRES you & why?
I find spending time in natural settings renewing. I admire anyone who speaks up and works for a cause they believe in, no matter how hopeless it may seem or how little it may benefit them personally.

What's on your night-stand right now?:  The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse, the latest Discover Magazine and last Sunday's New York Time crossword puzzle.

Hobbies/interests/extra-curricular activities OUTSIDE SU: Hiking, Reading and Home Improvement projects

Activities/interests/associations ON CAMPUS: The LSS program, the Speaking Truth to Power Series

Favorite class to teach @ SU & why:  I enjoy all the classes I teach. If I had to pick only one, it would be Abnormal Psychology because it's easy to tie in to current events.

Why do you like Schreiner? I enjoy the small classes and getting to know the students as individuals. I also like being able to interact with faculty from all the academic departments, which would be almost impossible at a large university.