Dr. Kathleen Hudson

Dr. Kathleen Hudson title: Professor of English & Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST)

hometown/state: Ft. Worth, Texas, until 1984. Since then, Kerrville. I live 25 miles west of town now, on I-10 at Midway. The sky is as magnificent as the drive home.

your alma mater: University of North Texas for Masters of Arts; Texas Christian University for Ph.D.

favorite movie: When? The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca or Total Eclipse or Oleanna or Don Quixote (We Libra women can't make up our minds!)

favorite food: Mexican in all its many forms. Always Mexican. And Chinese. Anything spicy. I also make my own favorite salad with sesame seeds, romano cheese and garlic as a base.

Dr. Kathleen Hudson favorite music/band/type of music: Texas songwriters (Willie, Townes, Guy, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Michelle Shocked) I love music with an edge, music with rhythm. Always The Gypsy Kings! "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen is MY song. Listen to the words and you might understand me. I'm currently working on a book of interviews with women in Texas music.

*note:  Kathleen is the Director of the Texas Heritage Music Foundation and is integral in bringing lots of cool artists & bands to SU for the wildly popular Coffeehouse series held weekly on campus.

favorite vacation spot: San Miguel de Allende or Greece or Turkey or Egypt.

*another note:  Kathleen takes SU students every year to her house in San Miguel de Allende as part of the international studies program. (Kathleen is front row wearing hat).

what's on your night-stand right now? (book/CD/video): A huge stack of books (The Red Tent, Kerouac, Lorca, Rimbard, The Clan Mothers, Sandra Cisneros, Gabriele Rico, Natalie Goldberg, Shaving the Inside of Your Skull, Being Peace, and many more). At least five of these books become a stack beside my pillow each night. Yep, I sleep with them, reading several at a time.

who/what/where INSPIRES you & why?
Oh, really! I'm inspired by anyone brave ... someone who reads their poetry aloud when called upon in class. Courage is an act of the heart....le coeur. Knowing courageous people inspires me. Surrounding myself with creative energy inspires me. Yes, the people around me encourage me, and that inspires me! Watching students work inspires me. Being part of a loving, caring community inspires me. Of course, there is Bob Dylan, Roxy Gordon, Buffy St. Marie, Leonard Cohen, and Annabel and David Pillow (my parents).

Dr. Kathleen Hudson hobbies/interests/extra-curricular activities OUTSIDE SU:
Horses (I used to barrel race and rodeo), camping, sitting outside at my house and watching the stars, music and more music, traveling, being in Mexico (always!), performing the "Story of Belle Starr," (<< pictured left) giving presentations on creativity to local service groups and churches, a little guitar-playing, dabbling with drums and percussion, playing tambourine with Texas Wildfire as they sing "T For Texas," and, oh, did I say traveling!

I learned to read Tarot cards from my mentor at TCU, Ann Ashworth. I treasure the set she gave me, and I do read them still. In her memory.

activities/interests/associations ON CAMPUS:
Sponsor of The Muse -- creative writing magazine; Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society); new poetry club, Texas Music Coffeehouse (with student activities); producer of The Texas Heritage Music Living History Day the last weekend in September (another way of learning using stories and songs); theatre; eating in the cafeteria (I love the big salad bar!); using this beautiful campus for holding class outdoors; coordinating the Past is Prologue each October (a program that uses the Native American learning story).

pictured right>>:  Hudson and Looney accepting donation of books for PIP (Past Is Prologue) Dr. Kathleen Hudsonprogram from Jeanne Slobod, patron of the PIP training program given at Schreiner University each October. Jeanne is my mentor!

favorite class to teach @ SU & why:  I love teaching the second semester of world literature ... and freshman composition ... and creative writing ... and technical writing ... and writing about literature ... and literature by women ... and, of course, my favorite: mythology! Stories make a difference in the world. I believe that education is about transformation. Learning stories allow us to ask "What may we learn from this."

why do you like Schreiner?
I have become part of a community of learners, and I have the opportunity here to express my own vision for education. I like Paula Underwood's expression that "Learning is sacred." The people here, individually, contribute daily to my own growth. The biggest gift here is love. I feel it, I express it, I receive it.

Kathleen's columns now appear in On The Road with Kathlene
Hill Country Happenings and on the website Hill Country Visitor