Michael Glenn Cervantez Kahl

Associate Professor Music
Director, Choral Activities

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alMichael Kahlma mater(s):
University of Texas at El Paso (Bachelors)
Southern Methodist University (Masters)
Hartt Conservatory in Hartford, CT (Post Graduate-Artist Diploma)

favorite book: Dictionary (I have yet to use the word "hypertrophy" at a tea party but maybe one day)

favorite movie: "Never Cry Wolf" and currently "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

what's on your nightstand right now?: Five Sports Illustrated magazines and a day-old glass of water

favorite food: Tacos al carbon with fresh avocado slices and a side of beans and rice

favorite vacation spot: Portland, OR area, and I hope to one day visit Antarctica

Michael Glenn Cervantez Kahl hobbies/interests off campus: Seeing movies with my lovely wife and composing songs that only I could tolerate.

activities on campus: Trying to stare down the squirrels on campus but to no avail

favorite class to teach & why: Choir, because I love the look on the students' faces after we have just sung something extremely well.

Michael Glenn Cervantez Kahl who/what/where inspires you and why? My parents, wife and the elderly who have a positive outlook on life. I am inspired by honesty, integrity and the pursuit of excellence in one's field or talent. I am inspired when I go to my church in San Antonio because of the extensive work that we do with the homeless in the downtown area.

why do you like Schreiner?: Because I enjoy reminding my friends repeatedly that "no, our school is not next to the Shiner brewery." I also think that we have talented and wonderful students and I adore Ma Parker in Weir. She gives the best hugs around.