Dr. Stefan T. Mecay

Dr. Stefan T. Mecay(the "T" being very important, like James T. Kirk)

Title: Associate Professor of Mathematics

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Alma Mater(s):
B.S. in Math at U.T. Austin
M.S. and Ph.D. in Math at the University of North Texas

Favorite Movie(s): Star Wars is my all-time favorite. Currently the best movies I have seen recently are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Last Samurai.

Favorite Food: A tie between Pizza and Mexican food.

Favorite Type of Music: Anything with a good beat to it. Also soundtracks from movies.

Favorite Vacation Spot: This one's easy! Disney World. :-)

Dr. Stefan T. MecayWho/What/Where Inspires me and Why? Stories about courageous people really inspire me. Courage being a relative thing. A soldier sacrificing himself to save other members of his company. The police and fire fighters who stayed behind to save more people when the trade towers were attacked.

Non-traditional single mothers trying to get an education to support their kids. Students with a strong phobia towards a particular subject who fight past their fears and actually come to enjoy it. Students who are strong in a particular subject and go out of their way to help their fellow classmates.

Really moving music. Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself so that all might have eternal life! God. The planet Earth, the stars and the Universe itself. All these things inspire me to try and be a better person.

On my nightstand right now: Currently I am rereading a rough draft of Tom Wells latest novel Finder's Keepers. It's awesome! I'd highly recommend it. Also, I am currently reading the Arna trilogy by Christopher Rowley. (If you ever get a chance to read a book by him called Bazil Brokentail, I highly recommend it too!!)

Dr. Stefan T. Mecay Hobbies: I like to bowl, play tennis, racketball, go kayaking. I love to read and watch movies. I like to go hiking. Every year I go to Vermont and like to hike up Camel's Hump. I like to play all kinds of board games and computer games. I like to go out to eat and I like to sleep. I like to go to church. In short, I try to enjoy every day as much as humanly possible!

Activities on Campus: I like to try to support the students as much as possible. I am an avid softball fan and I also like baseball, basketball, soccer. I try to go to several games a year. I also like to go to Tom Wells Speaking Truth to Power Series. I loved the Labatt series with Jim Bouton, the ex-Yankee pitcher. I also try to stay involved with KME (the math honor society).

Dr. Stefan T. Mecay note: Students LOVE Dr. Mecay...last year he won the "Best Legs Contest" sponsored by the Non-Traditional Students Assocation. >>

Dr. Stefan T. Mecay Favorite Class: Ooh, this is a toughie. I can honestly say, I don't really have one particular favorite. I love the upper division classes as the students are really sharp and they are always pushing the envelope.  I love the lower division classes as several students come in not exactly overjoyed to be taking a math class, but I enjoy awakening them to a new appreciation, sometimes even enjoyment of what math has to offer!  Finally I really enjoy teaching the Math for Teachers as I like to try and inspire future teachers who will train the next generation! (And hopefully several will come to Schreiner. :-))

Why do I like Schreiner: Wow, I can't say enough about Schreiner. This place has been truly heaven-sent! I absolutely LOVE all the students, faculty, staff. This place is like one big family! I am excited at knowing lots of students who have never even taken one of my classes! I love the fact that sometimes it takes me about an hour to walk across campus because I keep running across people I know. I love the fact that there is so much to get involved with on campus, like sports activities, family weekends, eating in the cafeteria, etc.  I love the fact that I consistently hear great things about the other faculty in ALL departments!

Coming from a school of 55,000, I can honestly say that good teachers can be hard to come by in the larger universities. The biggest benefit I can think of for coming to a school like Schreiner is ALL the faculty genuinely care about the students and their education!  Man, I could go on forever, but I can honestly say that Schreiner is a truly special place and I am honored to be able to teach here.