Dr. Claudia Sullivan

Dr. Claudia Sullivantitle:  Professor of Theater and Communication

hometown: Ft. Worth, Texas

your alma mater/s:  Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana B.A. Trinity University at the Dallas Theatre Center, M.F.A. University of Colorado at Boulder, PhD.

favorite movie: To Kill a Mockingbird, or Field of Dreams

favorite food: Italian (I learned from a real Italian woman who only spoke Italian)

favorite music/band/type of music: too many to say...it all depends on mood

favorite vacation spot: I never get away because I have too many animals to care for...but I love Colorado and I'd love to visit Italy

note:  Dr. Sullivan is the resident Animal Rescue crew at Schreiner University...she is the hero for sooo many furry friends (and people, too...)

what's on your night-stand right now? (book/CD/video): a big stack...books on spirituality, nature, writing, canine behavior, etc.

Dr. Claudia Sullivan who/what/where INSPIRES you & why? Nature inspires me, and my home in the country inspires me because it is quiet and I can watch the horses in the field; gardening inspires me, and often attending Mass inspires me.

hobbies/interests/extra-curricular activities OUTSIDE SU:  Writing, working with horses, gardening

activities/interests/associations ON CAMPUS: directing plays, working with students on class projects

favorite class to teach @ SU & why:  Probably IDST Aesthetics because it connects everything else I teach into one class.

why (do you like) Schreiner?  I've been here since August 1977, so I'd better like it or I've wasted a lot of time... but seriously, I like the small atmosphere, and the academic feeling and the people I work with.