Dr. Tim Summerlin

Dr. Tim Summerlin, President full name:  Dr. Charles Timothy Summerlin

birthday: January 12th

hometown: Port Arthur, Texas

alma mater: Yale for my Ph.D and Abilene Christian University

major: English

Many of you know that our Board of Trustees chose Provost Charlie McCormick to succeed me as president beginning January 1, 2017, while I complete my service as Chancellor before retiring on June 1, 2017. This was a wise choice by our board, one that bodes well for continued progress. Dr. McCormick, a Schreiner leader since 2009, has been a major shaper of our academic and student life programs, and I know that you will be as excited by his leadership and Schreiner’s prospects as I am.

Movie:  "The Third Man" Book:  "As I Lay Dying"
reading, music, travel, old movies, gardening

favorite movie:
  “The Third Man”

favorite book: 
“As I Lay Dying”

favorite food:
A spread of prosciutto, salami, cheeses, olives and bread with good wine to be enjoyed al fresco.