Dr. Mark David Woodhull

Dr. Mark David WoodhullTitle:  Professor of Business

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Hometown/state/country: Born in Akron, Ohio with extended residencies in Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Texas, and the countries of Colombia, Mexico, Chile, and Thailand. Visited about everywhere on the planet so far, including South Pole Station, so gosh golly, where AM I from? I guess I'm from Texas this week! Behold, the global human of the New Millenium.

How long have you been at SU?:  Since August 2001

Your alma maters:  Touro University – Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration; Central Michigan University - Master of Science in Administration in International Administration; Trident University - Master of Science in Information Technology Management in Business Intelligence; University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business - Faculty Development Certificate in International Business; Missouri Western State University - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing, Management minor; Community College of the Air Force – Associate of Applied Science in Aircrew Operations 

Dr. Mark David Woodhull Favorite movie:  "Fiddler on the Roof." Why? Tradition!

Favorite food:  The cuisine from Colombian, Argentina, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam

Favorite type of music: Salsa and Latin guitar music (except for maybe ... Estaban ... who saved a lot on his car insurance with GEICO). I especially like Miami-based Argentine guitarist, Alex Fox.

Favorite vacation spot:  Spain, Colombia, Thailand. What did you expect me to say? Disney World?

Who/what/where INSPIRES you & why?  Who? Albert Einstein for his unpretentious intellect.  What? Compound interest. Best invention of Mankind since the invention of the wheel according to Albert E. (I agree)   Where? The sugar loaf mountains of Central Laos. Simply beautiful and so "Tolkien" looking. The perfect combination of beauty and danger.

What's on your nightstand right now?  A Japanese Tea House lamp, a half pack of Cheesey Crackers, an empty Dr. Pepper can (diet), and household bills (hey, you asked).
Hobbies/interests/extra-curricular activities OUTSIDE SU:   I've been a United States Soccer Federation soccer referee for 27 years. I also like to watch soccer as a fan in the stadium and on the television. My favorite team (besides Schreiner's of course) is Deportivo Cali from Cali, Colombia.  I enjoy international business consulting and anything that is of a global nature, be it business, political, cultural, or travel.

Activities/interests/associations ON CAMPUS:  I enjoy advising students and helping them achieve their goals.

Favorite class to teach @ SU & why:  Two classes: International Business because I truly believe that "All business is global business" and Strategic Management because I view the course as an opportunity for students to "put it all together" and see if it flies straight (or crash and burns).

Why (do you like) Schreiner?  Because Schreiner is an up-close, nose-to-nose, in-your-face, mano-a-mano, gnarly-snarly educational experience for both students and faculty alike. "All Learn, All the Time" is truly an understatement. If you get bored at Schreiner University, you may want to have one of the nurses check you for a pulse.