Staff Profile: Joyce Ann Lespreance

Staff Position: Facilities Services

Hometown: Medina, Texas

How long have you been with Schreiner?
2-½ years

Where were you before SU?  Hondo National Bank

Favorite food:  Italian

Favorite movie: "Gone with the Wind"

Why do you like Schreiner? I had 'child withdrawal' when my son left home so I wanted to work where there were lots of young people. The Student Services Staff is an awesome group.

Favorite books:  "Love is a Wild Assault" (by Elithe Hamilton Kirkland) and "The Good Earth" (by Pearl S. Buck)

Favorite vacation spot: Europe

Favorite music: I enjoy most music -- exceptions being heavy metal or rap.

What do you like to do during your weekends? Work in my garden, craft, spend time with my animals -- horses, birds, cats, dogs.

Is there any particular advice you give to students? Don't limit yourself to having a Great Day. Have a Great Life.