Staff Profile: Paula Repka

Staff Position: Administrative Specialist of the
Trull School of Sciences & Mathematics

Hometown: Born in Portland, Oregon; military brat; moved around a lot so I now call Kerrville my home town.

How long have you been with Schreiner? 13 years

Where were you prior? I was staying at home taking care of my three wonderful children and my fantastic husband and doing volunteer work at Tom Daniels when my youngest started school.

What do you like best about Schreiner University? The students, staff and faculty. Also I like the fact that Schreiner is so family-oriented.

What do you like best about your position at Schreiner? I love working close with the students and faculty.

What Schreiner events do you enjoy? All of them. I try to go to as many things as I possibly can: All the plays in the theatre, Harry Crate Lecture Series, Speak Truth to Power, Chautauqua Lecture Series, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, wellness series...

Favorite food: Chicken Caesar salad and a good Cobb salad

Favorite books: Historical love romances, but right now I am reading books by Dan Brown. I read “The DaVinci Code” and I just started “Angels and Demons”. He’s a great author.

Favorite vacation spot: Las Vegas and the coast down at Rockport.

What do you like to do during your weekends? Spend time with my husband and try to see my three children and my granddaughter as much as possible.

Is there any particular advice you would give to students? Don’t be afraid to talk to your teachers! Less partying and more studying.