Staff Profile: Sarah (Newberry) Salinas

Sarah Newberry Position:  Assistant Director of Admission
Recruitment Area

Hometown:  Pflugerville, TX

Direct Line:  830-928-1631

How long have you been with Schreiner?  I have been a student here at Schreiner since 2008.  Prior to that, I lived in Pflugerville with my family.

What do you like best about Schreiner University?
  The best thing about SU is the amazing faculty and staff who are so friendly, encouraging and helpful. Other than that, I love the beautiful campus and abundance of wildlife!
What do you like best about your position at SU?  Having the opportunity to communicate with students and families about Schreiner is my favorite part of this job. Sharing my story and experiences from my time here at SU is always a privilege.
What events do you enjoy? Coffee House is probably my favorite SU event because the artists are so talented and there is a section for open mic for the students to participate in. Bingo night is also very popular since the prizes are amazing!

Favorite food:  I am open to try all kinds of food, but my favorite place to eat is Quiznos.  Their sandwiches are the best.

Favorite book(s): I recently read all of the Harry Potter books.  Although I didn't think I would enjoy them, they were so much fun and the writing was brilliant.

Favorite vacation spot: The coolest vacation I have ever been on was to Costa Rica for my internship. The city was okay, but the beaches were unlike any beaches I'd seen before. It was like something out of a movie!
What do you like to do during your weekends?  I'm pretty laid back, so I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with my friends and family, for the most part. However, I love trying new things and being outdoors, as well.
Is there any particular advice you would give to students? In high school, I made mediocre grades, but once I got to SU I pushed myself to do so much better than I thought was attainable. Set high expectations for yourself and don't ever settle for just passing or barely getting by. Try your best and believe in yourself, and I promise you will achieve great things!