Staff Profile: Susan C.

Staff Position:  Administrative Specialist for Alumni Relations Dept., Church Relations Dept., and Director for Volunteer Program

Hometown:  Newark, Delaware

How long have you been at Schreiner?   Since April 26, 2004

Where were you prior to Schreiner University?  Short stint at the Kerr County Juvenile Center, Lake City Community College in Lake City, Florida, and 12-plus years at the Hal & Charlie Peterson Foundation.

What do you like best about Schreiner?  We have a wonderful working relationship with our co-workers in the Alumni House.  I have always enjoyed a campus atmosphere. Another benefit is our lovely campus. How many working folks can gaze out of their windows at work and see deer grazing or just laying around basking in the sun? 

What do you like best about your position?  My co-workers (we are like family), the many challenges my position as support staff for Alumni Relation and Church Relations offers, along with a wide variety of work, and I am never bored.

What events do you enjoy about Schreiner? Since I work in the Alumni House, I have the opportunity to work many events each year.  I cannot say that I enjoy one more than another.  Love all the folks that attend these events.

Favorite Food:  Nearly every kind of SEAFOOD, and veggies are big on my list of wonderful foods, and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Favorite Books:   I love my daily devotional of the Upper Room which then takes me to reading the wonderful passages of the Bible each day.  Then there is "Skipping Christmas."  Although this book is hilarious, these folks found out why skipping Christmas just does not work too well.

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Eastern Shore Maryland, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Arizona and the Sunny Beaches of Florida, especially around Manatee and Sarasota counties (AWESOME).

What do you like to do best on weekends?  Being with my grandchildren and doing fun things with them, like climbing Enchanted Rock or occasionally hitting La Cantera. Life without them would be kind of dull (that's putting it mildly).

Is there any advice you would give to students?  This is the best time in your life.  Getting an education is extremely important as it will expand your horizons more than you will know.  Stay close to the good things in life.