Student Profile: Amy C.

Student Profile Hometown:  Houston, TX
Major:   Business Education  
Grad Date:  May 2011
Favorite Class:  Accounting

On-campus activities/interests:   I enjoy getting involved with teams in campus rec.

Off-campus activities/interests:  I love exploring Kerrville. There are so many great things to see and do!

Favorite Music/Band: I love all kinds of music!

Favorite Movie:  Raising Helen, Elf, The Holiday, Stand By Me, 27 Dresses, and Snatch.

Favorite Food:   I love Subway! Tuna foot-long is my favorite!

Favorite book:  Tara Road

Role Models:  My Momma

My Greatest Accomplishment:   I would say just making it here today.

What do you like most about SU?: I like the size of my classes. It's thrilling to know everyone in my class.

What are your plans after SU?  Move back to Houston and get a teaching job.