Student Profile: Brittany A.

Student Profile Hometown:  Houston, TX
Major:   Graphic Design  
Grad Date:  May 2010
Job:  Be-bop T-shirt Shop

Favorite Class:  Digital Photography

On-campus activities/interests:   Volleyball, Delta Phi Epsilon, Campus Recreation

Off-campus activities/interests:  Photography, Camping, Coaching Volleyball...the list goes on...

 Favorite Music/Band:  There is not one genre that I do not like. I love everything.

Favorite Food:  I love Mexican and Italian food.

Favorite Movies:    Anything Disney!

Role Models:   God, My mother and Father, my Coach, all my friends and family.

My Greatest Accomplishment:   When I reach any goal that I set for myself is a great accomplishment.

Favorite Book: The Bible, The Scarlet Letter, anything by Nicolas Sparks, and anything by Susan Wiggs.

What do you like most about SU?:  I love the size of the campus. You can never get lost!

What are your plans after SU?   I would love to become a successful graphic designer, and photographer.