Student Profile: Chris F.

Student Profile Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Major: Creative Arts
Job: Theatre Work Study

Favorite food: Whatever my grandmother makes

Favorite class at Schreiner:
Past: Acting            Present: Children's Theatre

On campus activities/interests: Schreiner University Theatre Company, Head Editor - The Muse, not a lot, I know but I manage to keep busy!

Favorite Music/Band: That switches a lot - right now I would say Portishead

Off campus interests/ activities: Reading anything I can get my hands on, writing a lot of small poems and larger plays, performing stand-up comedy in various venues, learning to play the piano and being with my friends.

Favorite Movie: That switches a lot as well - Rounders, Friday Night Lights, and Tombstone are up there though.

My Greatest Accomplishment: I would say debuting my first original play here at Schreiner - but with every play that I do, whether acting or directing becomes a incredible accomplishment for me.

Favorite Books: There are too many to list, but here are a few: Animal Farm, Speak, You Don't Know Me and The Long Walk

Role Models: My grandmother

What do you like most about Schreiner University? I like how I am just not a number ... how the professors know you personally, how they get directly involved in your life. The way that it is more of a friend relationship than a student-teacher. I also love how the school is open-minded about new and innovative ways to express one's creativity ... that's pretty important with me.

What are your plans after SU? Hopefully check into a master's school to further my education in the subject I love...maybe begin teaching theatre and writing to high school kids...maybe join a professional company. Who knows, the opportunities are endless.