Student Profile: Cody W.

Student Profile Hometown:   Georgetown, Texas
Graduation Date:  May 2012   
Major:  Graphic Design

Favorite class at Schreiner:   I don't have one favorite class at this time, but my graphic design classes are always fun.

My on-campus interests:    I am a member of Chi Phi Fraternity, the Schreiner Pep-Band, and the Symphony of the Hills.  Next Spring I hope to attend the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain as part of the Study Abroad Program.

My off-campus interests:    I enjoy camping and being outdoors. I also enjoy going to concerts of any type.

Favorite movie:    I don't have one specific movie that is my favorite. I like any Quentin Tarantino or Adam Sandler movies.
Favorite music/band:    I don't have a favorite band or favorite type of music. I like to listen to many different genres of music.

Favorite food:    My favorites are Italian and Mexican.

Favorite book:    My favorite book is Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.

What is your main accomplishment?:   My greatest accomplishment is becoming an Eagle Scout. I am a third- generation Eagle Scout.

Role models:  My role models are my parents, my scout master Calvin Gray, and my brother.

What do you like most about SU?:    I like how small Schreiner is and how small my classes are. I feel that I am more than just a number, but a student that can make a difference.

What are your plans after SU?:  I haven't decided for sure what I want to do. I have thought about joining the Peace Corps or getting a Masters degree. I would like to design movie posters or album covers for bands.