Student Profile: Harold J.

StudentsNickname:  Will

Hometown:  Sour Lake, TX

Major:  Math with Teacher's Certification

Grad Date:  May 2010
Favorite Food:   Anything really, but pancakes are great.

Favorite Class at Schreiner:   College Algebra and Pre-Cal

On-campus activities/interests:   Cross Country, Tia Chi - Chi Under the Moon, Choir, Campus Ministries Workstudy, Celtic Cross, Chapel Guitar Player

Favorite Music/Band:   Deftones, Blood Brothers, Jars of Clay, Death Cab for Cutie, Foo Fighters, Eve 6, Tenacious D, Rise Against, Weezer, Nirvana, and much more.

Off-campus activities/interests:    Guitar, walking around campus, working out, eating and sleeping

Favorite Movies:   Napolean Dynamite, Lady in the Water, Groundhog Day

My Greatest Accomplishments:   I was the Band Captain in my Senior year of high school. My squad for two years was undefeatable in competitions during band camp. I am also an elder in my church in Beaumont.

Favorite Book:  The Dune series

Role Models:    God; My grandpa and granddad (the sweetest, funniest, and easiest going heroes ever)

What do you like most about SU?:  I love the small campus and friendly staff here on campus.  

What are your plans after SU?   I plan on teaching somewhere in Texas and hopefully raising a Texan family sooner or later.