Student Profile: Hope H.

StudentsHometown:   Abilene, TX
Graduation Date:   May 2011
Major:   Theatre
Job:   Student Activities Board

Favorite class at Schreiner:  World Literature with Dr. Woods

My on-campus interests: I work at SAB, which is wonderful because I always know what events are going on. I am also an active member of Delta Phi Epsilon and love all the service projects that we do together. I am also active in the Theatre Department!

My off-campus interests: I do some local theatre at the many community theatres in the surrounding areas.

Favorite movie:  I absolutely love Almost Famous, but others include Garden State, Donnie Darko, Moulin Rouge, Boondock Saints ... ah, the list goes on and on.

Favorite music/band: I will only say my top two favorites are Blink 182 and The Beatles

Favorite food: I'm kinda picky, but you can never go wrong with chicken!

Favorite book:  It is hard to pick a favorite ... I love reading and getting lost in a good

What is your main accomplishment?:  I would have to say my greatest accomplishment is just being in school and being involved with things that are bigger than myself.

Role models: My role model is my dad. He owns two companies, is a full-time preacher, but still loves his family with everything. He is the most amazing person.

What do you like most about SU?:  I like the family feel that it has. Everyone knows everyone and you are never without a friend.

What are your plans after SU?:  My plans change a lot, but at the present moment I am planning on moving to Chicago and auditioning for theatre companies there. I want to work on stage, so New York is always an option.