Student Profile: Meagan C.

StudentsNickname:    "Meg"
Hometown:   Kingwood, TX
Graduation Date:   December 2011
Major:   Business Administration
Job:   Resident Assistant

Favorite class at Schreiner: Any Class with Dr. Feltz! He really makes you think!

My on-campus interests:  I am a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, and hold the Community Service and Philanthropy Chair. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with friends on the quad. I love cheering on all my friends at Schreiner sporting events. I also like to participate in any SAB event. They are always fun, especially bingo.

My off-campus interests:  I love watching the Boston Celtics.

Favorite movie:  The Boondock Saints

Favorite music/band:  I listen to a little bit of everything, but Radiohead is always good.

Favorite food:  I love food and want to go into the culinary field. But after everything I ever ate or made myself, I love cold pizza.

Favorite book:  The Five People You Meet in Heaven, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Of Mice and Men, and The Firm.

What is your main accomplishment?:  Schreiner has enabled me to have several accomplishments, so it is hard to pick one. Since I have been here, I have organized the Freshmen Pillow Fight and Cinderfella. I also have been recognized as a leader, holding three leadership positions this year.

Role models:  My family is my role model. My father is so emotionally strong. He also taught me to follow my dreams. My mother is the most caring individual ever. She has amazing talent with anything she tries. My sister is the smartest person I have ever met! She can do anything she wants to and shines. My brother is so important to me. His strength to make it day to day is astonishing. I love him.

What do you like most about SU?:  Schreiner is a small school with a lot to offer. Even though it is small in numbers there is always something to do ... 1,000 people might sound small, but it seems like I am always meeting new people and finding more fun things to do.

What are your plans after SU?:  I plan to go to culinary school and get my degree in pastry and baking arts. With my business degree, I plan to open my own cake shop one day!