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Varsity Programs

Varsity Programs are part of the Administrative Growth Initiative offering band, cheer, choir, eGaming, equestrian, shooting, track, and wrestling.

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Schreiner University is stepping up its game with the addition of seven new varsity programs and Track and Field as a new NCAA Division III sport providing current and future Mountaineer students with more opportunities to compete and succeed.

Band, Choir, and Shooting Sports are being elevated to varsity status and we are adding Cheer, eGaming, Equestrian, Track and Field, and Wrestling as new programs. These programs will all launch officially in the 2018-19 academic year. The addition of these programs will give talented student-athletes the opportunity to compete at the college level in sports or programs they have a passion for.

"This is an exciting time for Schreiner University," said Dean of Student Dr. Charlie Hueber. "To announce that we are expanding competitive and educational opportunities for future Mountaineers is yet another step in Schreiner’s mission to educate students holistically."

A plan to grow the Schreiner University athletics and varsity programs was developed to offer student-athletes additional possibilities for competition and provide the university a path to attract a more diverse and robust student population. Read more about Varsity Programs