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Campus Ministry

There is something going on almost every day of the week that can connect you with God and other students while here at Schreiner University. If you feel that there is not a specific group that meets your needs, then you can always begin a new connection and start a new group by contacting Gini Norris-Lane at (830) 792-7284.

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Campus Ministry T-Shirts 2016

On December 9, 2016, a group of 15 Schreiner students and alums, accompanied by Schreiner Campus Minister, Gini Norris-Lane, and Purposeful Lives Coordinator, Kelsey Penn, will travel to the Taize Community in France. Taize is one of the world’s most revered sites of Christian pilgrimage. Students will participate in prayer, Bible study, communal work, and embrace the spirit of kindness, simplicity, and reconciliation that reflects the Taize community’s ecumenical outlook.

Your purchase of a T-shirt from Schreiner Campus Ministry will go directly to support this trip and offset the cost for individuals. These special T’s will only be available from October 28 through December 2, 2016. They will ship the week of November 28th and arrive by December 15, 2016. The cost is $20 per shirt for adult size, and $15 per shirt for youth size, including all taxes, shipping and handling charges. Order bunches! They make great Christmas gifts, too!!

If you wish to order multiples of the same shirt, we apologize but you will have to fill out a form for each shirt purchased. If you have questions, please send an email to


To make a tax-deductible donation to support the Taize trip, visit the Schreiner University ONLINE DONATION web page and scroll down to the form. Under designation, choose OTHER, and specify that your gift be credited towards the Campus Ministry Taize Trip.


Methodist Student Ministry – Noon, Mondays
Leaders: Ryan Reardon and Jessica Lesley
Campus Ministry House (Lunch provided)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – 8 pm, Sundays
Student Leaders:  Conner VerSchuur, Steven Olivas, Keenan Gumbs, Christionna Jones and Codi Simmons
The Oaks Community Center (on campus)

UKirk Worship – 9 pm, Mondays
Multi-denominational worship
Student leaders:  Jacob Naron and Stephani Shumaker
Schreiner University Chapel (behind Admissions)

Volunteer Opportunity with Art2Heart - 3:30 to 5:30, Tuesdays
Student Leader: Skylar White

Celtic Cross Ecumenical Group – 5:00 pm, Tuesdays
Student leader: Monika Ruiz
Campus Ministry Center (with dinner)

Non-Denominational Bible Study - Noon, Wednesdays
Studying Characters in the Bible (with lunch)
Student leader: Onice Palencia
Campus Ministry Center

Reset (Baptist Student Ministry) – 9 pm, Wednesdays
Student leader: Randel O’Bryant
Non-denominational Bible Study & Contemporary
Worship (sponsored by the Baptist Student Ministry)
The Oaks Community Center

Non-Denominational Bible Study – Noon, Thursdays
Leader: Onice Palencia
Campus Ministry House (with lunch)

Habitudes Emerging Leaders Program - Thursdays

  • Commuter Habitudes @ Noon in the Campus Ministry Center with lunch, led by Peer Ministry Leader Claire Lewis
  • Habitudes in Trull, Delaney and Faulkner @ 7pm led by Peer Ministry Leaders
  • Faulkner: Erin Randall and Daniel Gonzales
  • Delaney: Steven Olivas and Esperanza Flroes
  • Trull:  Daneece Stewart and Martin Olivares
  • Upperclassmen Online Habitudes led by PML Angie Santos

Catholic Student Ministry – 7pm, Thursdays
Led by Kayla Gorzell
Campus Ministry Center

If you are interested please contact Gini Norris-Lane at

Peer Ministry Leaders
Martin Olivares – Trull
Stephani Shumaker – Trull
Claire Lewis – Commuters
Autumn Truax – Pecan Grove
Daniel Gonzales – Delaney
Esperanza Flores – Faulkner
Callen McCauley – Faulkner

Campus Ministry Work/Study
Tatyana Carnes
Skylar White
Autumn Truax
Lemuel Garcia

Purposeful Lives Work/Study
Jacob Naron
Stephani Shumaker


  • November 1 – November 28:  Taize Trip T-shirt Sale!
  • November 1 – November 13Taize Trip Bumboodler Pie Sales

  • Tuesday, November 8:  Mobile Food Bank at Robbins Lewis Pavilion

  • November 17th and 18th:  30-Hour Famine  – Fast for a cause and raise money to end hunger!
    For 30 hours, from Noon on Thursday, November 17th, to 6 pm Friday, November 18th, we’ll stand in solidarity with the world’s hungry by fasting and learning more about hunger around the world while also raising money and canned goods and turkeys for our local food bank, CAM.  All participants are invited to raise money, 75% of which will go to World Vision to assist in their hunger relief programs and 25% will stay in our local community.  On Friday at 1 pm, the group will go to San Antonio to work at the San Antonio Food Bank and learn how they help in hunger relief for over 57,000 people in our region each month.

  • Thursday, November 17th – 6-8 pm:  (End) Hunger Games in The Commons
    Get your friends together and create a team to come and fight hunger at this year’s (End) Hunger Games!  Entrance fee is one canned good per person, and each team will be required to bring a frozen turkey to be given to a local family for Thanksgiving.  Have fun and learn about hunger around the world and what you can do to make a difference!  To sign up go to the RecIt app on your phone (for Campus Recreation) and sign up as a group or a free agent.  Or for more information contact Gini Norris-Lane at or Kelsey Penn at

  • December 9-21:  Taize and Geneva Trip
    17 students, alumni and staff will be traveling to Taize, France, for a  week in the Taize community.  They will also go to Geneva, Switzerland, and learn more about the Reformation and the World Council of Churches, the Red Cross, Mercy Ship ministry and more.  

Exodus Project

The Exodus Project is a unique learning community at Schreiner University
for those who may feel a little like Moses.. .

Moses was one of the greatest leaders in all of the Bible, but he didn’t start out that way! He stuttered, he lacked confidence, he even tried to tell God no! Yet, through the adventure of following God, he became the leader both God and the people needed.

Christian leaders are not born ready for the great adventure of leadership. It is through the journey of learning and discipleship, service and discernment of where God is guiding you, that you will be shaped into a leader for the 21st century.

Members of The Exodus Project
will participate together in...

* Academics - as a cohort in the Fall in IDST1301 and IDST2200 (Career Exploration) in the Spring.
* Discipleship - meeting weekly to grow in faith and find support from God and the EP community
* Service - choosing local churches or agencies to partner with an hour a week
* Retreats - time away in the Fall and Spring to learn how to be servant leaders and to listen for what God wants you to do with your “one wild and precious life!” (quote by Mary Oliver)

or to just learn more, contact Rev. Gini Norris-Lane, Campus Minister
email: phone: 830-792-7284

Application Instructions: Once you have been admitted to Schreiner University, you will have access to the online application through your Schreiner One account. Priority applications are due by March 31st for the 2015-2016 school year.

Be Better Together


The "Better Together" campaign is a product of the Interfaith Youth Core. So far, five students from Schreiner University have been trained in this program to lead interfaith events on campus in hopes of bringing together people of all faiths and no faith at all to serve those around us. Many other universities across the country are organizing similar campaigns with various goals for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. Our focus on this campus for the school year is education and domestic poverty. So far, we have served thousands of service hours and donated hundreds of items to these causes. We hope to continue educating the campus, facilitating meaningful discussions, and serving our community. More information and videos further explaining this cause can be found at

Purposeful Lives

The Office of Purposeful Lives is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to engage in their communities locally, nationally, and globally. The two major avenues for this engagement are service-learning and volunteer services. The Office of Purposeful Lives seeks to allow students to explore their passions and to increase their civic responsibility and awareness.

The Purposeful Lives initiative supports the mission of the university which is to “prepare students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.” Through the Purposeful Lives initiative, students will engage in experiences that will enrich their academic, personal, and spiritual growth through service and reflection. As students continue in their studies at Schreiner, the Office of Purposeful Lives will offer co-curricular opportunities as well as service opportunities outside of the classroom so that students have an integrated understanding of their community and the role they can play in serving others. These opportunities lend themselves to building students’ civic responsibility, social awareness, and personal values long after they leave Schreiner to positively impact the world.

What makes Purposeful Lives special? Watch the video below to hear from faculty and students who have partnered with Purposeful Lives to incorporate service into their Schreiner experience.

Volunteer Services
Community outreach and service is one of the key values of Schreiner University. The Office of Purposeful Lives seeks to provide students ample opportunity to work with a variety of interests and populations.  We will be hosting campus-wide community service events throughout the semester as well as smaller trips and visits with specific organizations in the community. If you are looking for a particular group or population, we can provide you contact information and details for non-profits in and around Kerrville. If you are looking to maybe serve on overnight trips or even abroad, we will have opportunities for that, too!

The Office of Purposeful Lives will serve as a sort of one-stop shop for Schreiner students, faculty, and staff want to serve their community. If you or your student organization is interested in volunteer opportunities, simply contact the Coordinator of Purposeful Lives or drop by Campus Ministry to discuss your interests and ways you can serve!

The Schreiner Experience is provided both in and out of the classroom. Service-learning courses allow students to apply their coursework and skills in academics to “real world” issues by working in collaboration with community partners. Whether you’re a Graphic Design student assisting a local business in developing new market tools or an English student providing after school tutoring to Kerrville youth, service-learning can open doors to relationships with future employers and a better understanding of the concepts you’re learning in class.
Service-learning FAQs

How do I register for a service-learning course?
Right now, we are working toward launching our first official service-learning courses in Spring 2015. Soon, courses will have an “S” designation that you can see when you register so that you will know that it has a service-learning component. For now, ask the Coordinator of Purposeful Lives and your professors if there are service-learning courses available in your major.
Is there an extra fee to take a service-learning course?
No! These are the same courses you would regularly be taking, but with a service-learning component added into the curriculum.

Why should I take a service-learning course?
Because you’re a rock star student seeking the most engaging and meaningful education you can get! Really, service-learning courses can give you the opportunity to really work with partners in the community and around the world on projects that are relevant to your study. In addition, you will be able to apply your service hours and completion of these courses toward your co-curricular transcript. We will be providing a Service-learning Certificate if you meet the requirements. Both the co-curricular transcript and the certificate are documents that stand out to employers and graduate school admissions offices! If you would like to know more about these options, contact the Coordinator of Purposeful Lives or drop by the Campus Ministry building.

Purposeful Lives Certificate Requirements

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For more information please contact:
Rev. Gini Norris-Lane
Campus Minister
Campus Ministry Center
CMB 6231
(830) 792-7284

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