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The Presidential Challenge Coin Series

The Challenge Coin Tradition

The history of challenge coins is military in nature and can be traced as far back as the Civil War when soldiers carried a coin from their hometown throughout the conflict and then continued to carry it after the war as a reminder of their experiences.  Military forces continued the tradition of carrying a coin in World Wars I and II as well as in the Vietnam war.  Soldiers carried a coin to identify the branch of military they were serving in, as well as their unit, and it became a symbol of camaraderie and the strong bond between soldiers serving together.  The coins eventually became known as challenge coins as members of one branch would challenge members of another branch or unit to see if they carried their coin.  The coins are still an active symbol in today’s military forces.  In addition to the military, lawmen and firefighters are also known to carry challenge coins today.


What is the Presidential Challenge Coin Series?

A series of five coins to be earned by students from the time they enter Schreiner University as a freshman Entering with H ope until they graduate as they Leave with Achievement.

The front of each coin will always have the Schreiner University Seal.

The coins will only be awarded to students by Dr. Charlie McCormick as President of Schreiner University.  The back of each coin will always say:

Presented by

Dr. Charlie T. McCormick

Presidential Challenge Coin Front

 Earning PresiDential Challenge Coins


The first coin of the series is based on the acceptance of the Schreiner Promise as an entering freshman during the Fall Academic Convocation ceremony.

As a member of the Schreiner Community,

I will commit myself to the pursuit of knowledge with personal integrity and academic honesty;

I will support a culture of diversity by respecting the rights of those who differ from myself;
I will contribute to the development of a caring community where compassion for others and freedom of thought and expression are valued;

I will honor, challenge, and contribute to the scholarly heritage left by those who preceded me and work to leave this a better place for those who follow; and,

I will enter with hope and leave with achievement.

By endorsing these common principles,

I accept a moral obligation to behave in ways that contribute positively to our campus environment and resolve to support this behavior in others.

This commitment is my promise to Schreiner University and its community of scholars.

The middle three coins of the series are based on student life learning experiences and achievements earned during their baccalaureate studies while at Schreiner University.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Schreiner Experience

Academic Excellence

The second coin of the series is based on academic excellence.  Students on the President’s List any single semester will automatically be awarded the third coin.  A 4.0 GPA is required for inclusion on the President’s List.


The third coin of the series is based on leadership.  A student will need to earn 100 points from various levels of leadership responsibilities while attending Schreiner University.

The Schreiner Experience

The fourth coin of the series is based on your Schreiner Experience .  This coin will be awarded to students who early all three (3) Schreiner Experience certificates: Meaningful Work, Purposeful Lives and Changing Global Society.

Purposeful Lives Certificate Requirements:

  • Service Learning Course (or trip)
  • 25 hours of service for every year in attendance at Schreiner University
  • Public Dissemination of learning from ANY service experience
  • Reflection Sessions or Written Reflection

Meaningful Work Certificate Requirements:

  • Career Roadmap Phase I: Profile and Credentials
  • Career Roadmap Phase II: Events, Seminars, Workshops or Conferences
  • Career Roadmap Phase II: Research and Analysis
  • Career Roadmap Phase IV: Work and Internship Experience

Global Perspective Certificate Requirements:

  • Study Abroad
  • International or Multicultural Engagement
  • Academic Requirement

Leave with Achievement

The fifth and last coin will be awarded upon the successful completion of a student’s baccalaureate degree as students “Leave with Achievement.”

Students earning the entire series of challenge coins, will receive the Challenge Coin Series Medallion to wear at graduation.

In addition, these students will be recognized for this outstanding accomplishment.