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Am I required to live on-campus?

All students are required to live on-campus unless they meet one of the following requirements:
- You are married
- You are a single parent with dependents
- You are a veteran of the U.S. military service
- You are 23 years of age or older
- You have completed 90 or more credit hours (if you are a transfer student, at least 90 hours must be accepted by Schreiner) or have already lived on campus at another university for at least three years
- You will be enrolled in a 12 month program leading to certification or license (Vocational Nursing or Master’s programs)
- You will be a part-time student (11 or fewer credits per semester each semester—if you become a full-time student you will have to move on campus)
- You are living with your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) in one of the following counties: Kerr, Gillespie, Kendall, Edwards, Bandera, Real or Kimble

Am I required to have a meal plan? 
All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Your class standing (number of credit hours earned) will determine the meal plan you are required to have. Please see the link to Room & Board Rates for more information regarding required meal plans.

What's the difference between the Housing Deposit and the Commitment Fee? 
Upon enrollment, your student account will be charged a $100 housing damage deposit if you are living on campus. This is separate from the commitment fee you pay upon acceptance of your invitation to attend Schreiner. The housing deposit is a one-time fee. If there are no damages or fines when you leave housing (after your earn 90+ hours or meet the other off-campus living requirements) your deposit will be refunded. The commitment fee will be paid directly to the Office of Admissions and will determine the order in which your housing assignment will be made (i.e. earlier commitment fees get placed in requested rooms first).

When will I get my housing assignment? 
Housing assignments for will be available via Schreiner One August 2nd. Students will need their login information that they obtained during orientation.

What things do I need to bring for my room? 
Click here to see what you will need in your room

Who is required to have Medical Health Insurance?
All athletes, nursing, and  international students are required to have proof of medical health insurance. For questions regarding health insurance, please visit the Schreiner University Health Center website.

What about Student Personal Property Insurance?
We recommend that all students have Student Personal Property Insurance. Students may be covered under their parents' homeowners insurance policy.

Can I request a roommate? Are single rooms available?
You are welcome to request a roommate, and as long as that person also requests you as a roommate, the match will be made. In case you meet someone during Mountaineer Days who you would like to live with, your Peer Advisor will have a form for both of you to complete to make the request. If two people request each other as roommates, the later of the two commitment fee dates will be used to determine where you will be living. Due to the increase in students living on campus, it is very unlikely that singles will be available.

Where will I live and what kind of rooms does that hall have? 
Freshmen are assigned to  Delaney, Trull and Faulkner. Where you are placed is determined by several factors: the date you submit your commitment fee to the University, whether or not you request a roommate and/or residence hall. Transfer students and upperclassmen are assigned to the Pecan Grove, The Oaks apartments and Flato.

Faulkner Hall is our newest freshmen coed residence hall. All rooms are suite-style, with two double occupancy rooms sharing a bathroom. There are 84 double occupancy rooms on three stories, a huge multimedia room and six study rooms. Faulkner Hall has 3 central living rooms (one on each floor) for students to watch TV and socialize. Students are expected to share cleaning responsibilities with their roommate and suitemates. Custodial services are provided in the common areas.

Trull is coed with women living in the south wing of the building and men living in the east wing. The building has interior hallways, and all rooms (10'4" x 19') are suite-style, which means two double occupancy rooms share a bathroom. Students are expected to share cleaning responsibilities with their roommate and suitemates. Custodial services are provided in the common areas (living room, TV room, guest bathrooms).

Delaney Hall: A traditional coed residence hall with community bath. All rooms are double occupancy rooms. This building was remodeled in 2014. This is the only residence hall where custodial services are for community bathrooms. 

Flato and L.A. Schreiner have suite-style rooms (11'5" x 14') and exterior entries. Each suite shares a front door and bathroom. The bedrooms lead off from a front foyer (9'4" x 7'8"). Students are expected to share cleaning responsibilities with their roommate and suitemates. The lobby is cleaned by the custodial staff.

Pecan Grove is an on-campus apartment complex open to upperclassmen and transfer students. There are 87 two-bedroom units (610 sq ft) that have a semi-private arrangement (i.e. private bedroom and bathroom, shared kitchen and common living areas). In addition, Pecan Grove has 4 four-bedroom units (873 sq ft) with a communal arrangement (i.e. private bedroom, share 2 bathrooms, kitchen and common living area), and 8 efficiency units (495 sq ft). All units are single-sex.

The Oaks apartment complex is also open to upperclassmen and transfer students. There are 52 four-bedroom units (1129 sq ft) with a communal arrangement (i.e. private bedroom, share 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a common living area).

What amenities are provided with my room?
Rooms are equipped with desks, extra long twin beds, dressers, chairs and closets. All rooms are furnished as doubles, even if used as a single. Extra furniture must remain in the room and may not be stored elsewhere. The apartments also have a fully-equipped kitchen with a garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove, oven and full-size refrigerator. You should bring your own sheets, pillows, pillowcases, towels, blankets, lamps, and other small furnishings. All residence halls are air-conditioned. Laundry facilities on campus are available for residents, so bring plenty of quarters.

Is there access to the Internet from the Residence Halls?
All residence halls have wireless access to the Internet. Click here for wireless network information:

Who can I go to when I have questions or need help?
The Residence Life staff is here for YOU! The Resident Assistants (RAs), Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs), and Resident Directors (RDs) are staff members who live in the buildings to facilitate positive community and to serve as campus resources for you. They can help with issues ranging from homesickness, roommate conflicts, and where to get more quarters for laundry to questions about where to go for tutoring, the process for dropping a class, and what activities are going on around campus. They also help maintain reasonable conduct in the halls as well as sponsoring programs and activities that broaden your out-of-class experience. The Residence Life staff is a great group of people, and it's to your advantage to get to know them!  For more information click here.