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First Year Experience


The First Year Experience program at Schreiner University seeks to foster a dynamic and enriching culture of success and satisfaction for incoming students. Through Freshman Seminar Courses, Mountaineer Days Orientation, Mountaineer Camp, and our seven Learning Communities the program offers students opportunities for personal and professional growth while helping students to engage with faculty, professional staff, and their peers.

Freshman Seminar

This is a mandatory course for incoming freshmen that focuses on student success skills and practices. The course is taught by faculty or staff members alongside student Mentors and seeks to help incoming freshmen adjust to the rigor of undergraduate study while building supportive relationships with peers, faculty, and professional staff.


Mountaineer Days Orientation

Our summer orientation program assists students with their first steps transitioning into college. During orientation at Schreiner University new students meet with faculty advisors to review course offerings, learn about campus services and programs, receive detailed information on financial aid, and meet a variety of people from faculty and administrators to other new and current Schreiner students. Orientation prepares students to become a true Mountaineer.


Mountaineer Camp

Mountaineer Camp is a mandatory program focused on the social integration of incoming students with the university and their peers. Camp utilizes fun interactive activities to get students off to a great start at Schreiner, as well as unify the freshmen class and introduce students to the campus culture.


Learning Communities

Schreiner University’s seven learning communities seek to help students connect in a powerful and supportive way with others who share interests and goals. Students in learning communities work closely with peers, faculty, and professional staff who are unified by a desire to make themes and experiences in and outside the classroom central to their education. The name of each learning community and a brief description is provided below. The university offers Living and Learning Communities in which students live together in a reserved dorm wing or floor as well as Learning Communities which do not entail a residential component. More info....

  • Freshmen Honors Living and Learning Community - A living and learning environment allowing academically advanced students to live and study together, collaborate on ideas, participate in challenging research and pursue their academic goals
  • Vesalius Living and Learning Community - A small living and learning group for freshmen interested in health careers. Students live together, take classes and work with mentors from the health disciplines.
  • Global Scholars Living and Learning Community - This community prepares future world-changers for careers in a global marketplace through engaging activities and coursework with an international focus. It culminates in a 3-week study abroad experience in South Korea
  • Exodus Project Learning Community - A learning community for Christian freshmen from all denominations interested in engaging academics, discipleship, leadership and service to God together through retreats, low and high ropes, bible study and service.

  • ACE Learning Community - A learning community dedicated to helping a select group of freshmen explore majors and careers while identifying values, interests and skills.

  • Mountaineer Leadership Academy Learning Community - The Mountaineer Leadership Academy is a four-year leadership community. As students progress through their freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior experiences at Schreiner, they develop specific qualities of leadership that will serve them in their programs of study while also providing them a foundation of leadership that can be applied to their future work and their contributions to society.
  • Performing Arts Living and Learning Community - This living and learning community is for freshmen who, regardless of their intended major, have an interest in music and theater and seek an environment that nurtures and cultivates a variety of artistic idioms through creative experiences both on and off campus.

For more information contact:
Adrienne McClendon
Coordinator, First Year Experience
Cailloux Campus Activity Center
(830) 955-5700


Design Thinking Learning Community

The Design Thinking Learning Community seeks to guide students through a variety ofDesign Learning Community methods for solving problems via faculty lead workshops, field trips, campus visits from industry professionals, and project based learning. We will establish the foundation of creative problem solving incorporating methods such as a Design Thinking workshop and semester-long research project, and we will also incorporate new technology such as 3D printers, Laser Engravers and other digital output devices.
Building on experiences from IDST1301 in the Fall, students are encouraged to become self-motivated learners through research and explore new technologies, through opportunities facilitated by departmental faculty, that may be applied to their discipline, incorporate and expand on problem solving methods, and possibly develop their own creative method.

The Design Thinking Learning Community is open to all students from any disciplines, because creativity is required for engineering, graphic arts, information and data visualization, science, mathematics, and everything in between.

For additional information contact:
Clay McClure
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Office:  Cailloux Hall 207
(830) 792-7468 |