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Housing Selection & Roommates

Housing Selection

Students that wish to retain their current room and students that wish to select a new room will be required to fill out the housing selection form between March 26th to the 30th. Those that do not retain their room during that time period will lose their room.

Students that wish to select their room will go through a lottery system. On each indicated day, students will submit their housing selection form based on their classification: senior, junior, sophomore. The forms will then be used to place students into housing in order of their lottery number.

March 26th – 30th: Retain and Select Room


What is the difference between retaining a room and selecting a room?
Upper class students that are wanting to reclaim their current room are able to retain their room during the retaining dates. Students that want a new space or are a sophomore will have to select a room.

What does my lottery number mean?
The lottery number system determines the order in which you sign-up for your Housing Assignment. A lottery system is done per class starting with Seniors, then Juniors, and then Sophomores. Your lottery number will be emailed to your Schreiner email account.

How do I know what my hours are?
Your hours are based on the total amount of credit hours earned at the completion of the spring semester. So, if you had earned a total of 15 credit hours at the end of fall and you are currently taking 12 credit hours, then you would have a total of 27 credit hours.

What if I want to live with someone who is a different classification or has different hours than I am?
If you are a freshmen who would like to live with a upperclassmen, the upperclassman can pull you into the room with them on their designated day. Both people must fill out a form.

What if I want to live with someone within my same classification but they have a lower lottery number than I do?
The higher lottery number takes precedence.

What is the cost for room and board?
View costs for room and board

Are all Flato rooms all single rooms?
No, not all rooms in Flato are single rooms.  You can request a single room in Flato at the single room rate, but allowing single rooms will be subject to availability.

What is the efficiency double in Pecan Grove?
The efficiency double in Pecan Grove is only used when we are in need of overflow housing for the semester.  We do not assign the efficiency unless needed, so this process will not include efficiency doubles.

Does my potential/future roommate need to fill out a housing selection form?
Yes, everyone needs to fill it out.

Will a hold keep me from being able to sign up for housing?
Yes, you must be cleared by the Business Office and have no hold from their office.

Will my housing be dropped if I am not registered for Fall  by the end of semester?
Yes, your housing will be dropped if you are not registered by May 1st

Will I also be able to sign up for my meal plan for next year?
Yes, you will also sign up for your meal plan for next year.

What if am not returning to Schreiner due to graduation, transferring, or if I am planning to move off-campus?
If you are graduating or transferring you do not need to go through any process with our office.  If you are planning to move off-campus, you must complete an off-campus request form.




One of the most important people in your college experience is your roommate. She or he can be the source of deep friendship, chronic aggravation, or someplace in between, depending on how the two of you get along. Here are a few suggestions that will make a difference ...

Spend time with your roommate. It's easier to live with a friend than to co-exist with an enemy.

Share your space. It's amazing how much stuff will really fit into a residence hall room, but be conservative with how much you initially bring (enough for your desk, dresser, and closet). If you need more stuff later, you can bring it from home during breaks or on weekends.

Work out an agreement on cleaning. Conflicts over unmade beds, unwashed dishes, and the like can often cause feuds. Plan to clean more than once a semester and divide up the cleaning responsibilities. If someone isn't carrying her or his share of the load, discuss it before it becomes a major irritation.

Be open about sharing (or not sharing) some possessions. How does your roommate feel about sharing her or his possessions? Some roommates don't mind and others do. Always ask before you use something of your roommate's.

Not everyone's taste in decorating is the same. Combine styles and tastes to create something new. Don't compromise your individuality, but be willing to work with someone else's.

Arrange your study schedule. If you plan to do most of your studying in the room, let your roommate know. Do you study best with music or the TV, or is silence most conducive? Agree on some general hours and change only after a discussion of the need/desire to reschedule.

Meet other people. Don't depend on your roommate to satisfy all of your social needs. Make other friends and get involved in activities that take you out of your room.

Keep the lines of communication open. Chances are good that if something about the living situation is bothering you, it's also bothering your roommate.

Finally, think of your living situation as a household. Ideally, the concerns of a household are the concern of each of its members. No single member should dominate nor feel oppressed. It's a balanced lifestyle you're seeking.

If problems arise and you cannot resolve them between yourselves, see your RA. Ask about mediation options and remember that in this type of situation, it is often less a question of who's right or wrong and more an issue of communication or compatibility. It might take someone not directly involved to distinguish between the two.

According to HEA Missing Person Procedure it is required that all students who reside on university property supply a “missing person’s contact”. This contact will be notified only in the event that a residential student is identified as missing. Notification procedures are posted on the Campus Security website and the Student Handbook.