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The job market for today’s college graduates has become more competitive—it’s not enough just to have a college degree. Sought-after candidates already have work experiences, a background of civic engagement, vocational maturity and an international perspective.

Schreiner’s mission has long been “to prepare students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society .” Building on what the University has already done toward that goal, in Fall 2014 Schreiner introduces four new academic initiatives that will increase even further the power and value of its undergraduate education. The elements of the new Schreiner experience are:

  • Meaningful Work
    • Meaningful Work initiative provides each undergraduate student with at least one relevant work experience on or off campus (internship, work-study) that is closely related to his/her major. To ensure all Meaningful Work experiences enhance students’ professional preparation for the workplace, the Coordinator of Meaningful Work assumes leadership of all work-study activities, student internships and other work experiences related to their academic goals.
  • Purposeful Lives
    • Purposeful Lives initiative offers all undergraduates the opportunity to experience and learn from civic engagements, as well as opportunities to address the “big questions” of life that concern their sense of purpose, calling and core values. To ensure these experiences help prepare students for the lives they will lead in their communities after graduation, the Coordinator of Purposeful Lives is charged with working with community organizations that allow students to contribute to finding solutions to problems identified by the local community, be they thematic (e.g. food security), demographic (e.g. a particular neighborhood), or organization-oriented (e.g. Habitat for Humanity) as well as with the campus ministry and other Schreiner programs concerned with supporting a sense of purpose.
  • Changing Global Society
    • Changing Global Society initiative gives students more opportunities to experience how others live, work and think—and brings those ideas back to campus, too. Schreiner students will understand that the world is fundamentally local AND global. Schreiner graduates will have the skills, knowledge, habits of mind, and dispositions to be successful in both local and global environments.
  • Concierge Books 
    • Concierge Books is Schreiner’s way of ensuring our undergraduate students have all of the correct course materials they need to be successful in their classes, they have them by the first day—and at no additional cost.


At Schreiner University, we strive to create a learning community that that is welcoming and supportive of diverse people and perspectives. The Standing Diversity Committee aims to prepare students for successful work and life experiences in a global community after graduation.

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