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Student Government Association

Leadership is an area of ongoing understanding. The university, through different leadership positions and programing on campus, provide students with an opportunity to expand upon their understanding of leadership. Some of the opportunities include:

MLC 2013 Students MLC 2012 students

  • Work-study positions
  • Student Senate
  • Greek Life
  • Joining a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)
  • Resident Assistant (RA)
  • Schreiner University Ambassador
  • Orientation Peer Advisor


Dear Students,

            To all Freshmen. Welcome! To all returning Mountaineers. Welcome back! As many of you know there were a lot of exciting changes here at Schreiner, including the addition of two new buildings, and the appointment of our very own Dr. Charlie McCormick as Schreiner’s next president. I excited to say that this year is another year of change, this year is the Dr. McCormick at the helm we have a fresh start.

            Schreiner is like no other school, it truly cares about its students. This year is unique, the students are in a position to voice their opinions and make a legitimate change on campus going forward. The Student Government Association is the largest organization on campus, primarily because every student has a voice in our community's affairs. It is your choice on whether to use your voice to benefit our community.

Student Government Association meetings are held on Monday’s at 8:00 PM in the River Room. With the exception of October 30th and November 27th, on theses two dates we will be meeting in Ballroom 3 at 8:00PM. Please come and speak during the open floor portion of our meetings.


Dalton Reid

Student Body President


The Student Government Association is the Schreiner student governing body, created by joint action of faculty and students during the session of 1929-1930. The Student Government Association stands to represent to the student body of Schreiner University as explained in its mission statement:

A. Foremost, the purpose of this organization shall be to represent the student body of Schreiner University. The Student Government Association stands to promote the general welfare, protect the rights, and voice the opinions of the student population.

B. As students of Schreiner University, we further stand to serve and promote the best interests of our University as a whole. In this interest, we will promote cooperation and partnership among the students, student organizations, and the university faculty, staff, and administration.

C. Serving the student body, we will communicate their concerns to appropriate university committees and the university’s administration. We will review and make recommendations on matters affecting this, our university’s community.

D. The Student Government Association stands to promote and enhance the student life of this university. In this interest, we will serve to sponsor and facilitate programs and services.

E. In serving Schreiner’s and the general community’s interest, the Student Government Association stands to foster education, learning, service, and leadership.

F. The Student Government Association strives to perpetuate and grow the University through all of the above actions so future students will benefit from the Schreiner Promise

The student body elects the Student Government Association’s officers during annual elections held in the spring term, with elections for Freshman Class and vacancies being held in the fall. Representatives from the Student Government Association serve on numerous committees including Academic Affairs, Admission, Library and Technology, Diversity and others. Senate executive officers represent the student body at Board of Trustees functions and other University events.


Dalton Reid, President
Michael Woods, Vice President
Frida De La Garza, Executive Secretary
Amalia Fuentes, Treasurer
Rhiannon Bormann-Salazar, Senate Speaker

Senate Secretary
April Hawthorne

Freshman Senators
Sophia Sexton
Martha Ralon
Katie Wiesolek            
Sophomore Senators
Natalie Raper
Jared Sanchez

Junior Senators
Rhi Bormann-Salazar
Ryan New 

Senior Senators
Veronica De Leon
Imani Broadnax

School of Liberal Arts Senator
Jessie Leal

School of Professional Studies Senator
Ricky Puente      

School of Math & Science Senator
Sofia Lopez

Graduate Student Senator

At-Large Senators
Callie Gargano
Kenzy Sharp, President

Aleix Overdiek
Andrew Albright
Ciara Ochoa
Courtney Martinez
Jamilah Holmes
Jamison Lee
Josh Newman
Sarah Higgerson


Mountaineer Leadership Academy

Learning Communities

Focus of Mountaineer Leadership Academy

Four year leadership curriculum that progresses through the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior academic years; identifying specific qualities of leadership development relative to the students interest of study to establish a foundation of leadership to be applied to the greater
systematic whole.

Freshmen Year: Self-Leadership
The Freshmen year focuses on students’ exploration of leadership. An awareness of different leadership theories is established to create a foundation of leadership that students can build upon. Students will begin to clarify a personal leadership philosophy built from an understanding of leadership responsibility and reflection of personal core values.

The Freshmen Year is created as a Living Learning experience to allow students to share experiences and assist each other in their leadership development.

Sophomore Year: Community Leadership
The Sophomore year focuses on building upon a students’ leadership development through establishing an understanding of leadership involvement within a community. The importance of a leader’s systematic connection within a community is developed as students begin to clarify different responsibilities leaders have within a community. Communication, responsibility, and connection to the systematic well-being of the community are established as a fundamental leadership quality for student leadership development.

The Sophomore Year is created as a continued Living Learning experience to allow students to engage in continued interactions within a familiar community to communicate and understand the implementation of personal leadership philosophies into a community.

Junior Year: Collaborative Leadership
The Junior year focuses on expanding community leadership into collaborative leadership. The expansion of leadership across boundaries into different communities builds upon students understanding of community leadership by providing opportunities to expand leadership skills and attributes across boundaries to broaden the systematic whole established through partnerships with other communities.

The Junior Year is created as a continued leadership learning community. As a continued leadership learning community students work together to engaging in collaborative initiatives that partner with other community’s toward the development and understanding of collaborative leadership.

Senior Year: Legacy
The Senior year focuses on empowering students to lead. Students will continue to develop as leaders by engaging in different initiatives that sustain the continued development of leadership by servicing the community.

The Senior Year is created as a continued leadership learning community. As a continued leadership learning community students work together in establishing a continued venue for leadership learning and development. Students will engage in collaborative efforts to service leadership development within the Schreiner community.

Alumnus: Continued Support
A partnership with alumni will be establish to create a culture of giving back to build a sustainable program and institution that will continue to impact the lives of students for years to come.

Mountaineer Leadership Conference

MLC Leaders 2013

The Mountaineer Leadership Conference focuses on transforming leaders. The conference is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students. Each year a different theme associated with leadership is used to expand upon students’ understanding of leadership. The conference is meant to be an opportunity for students to grow in the area of leadership by actively engaging them in an environment that encourages leadership interaction. Students not only have an opportunity to receive knowledge about leadership from professionals but also have the opportunity to share their own understanding and knowledge about leadership with peers.

Many students are able to take what they learn from the conference and implement it within leadership positions they currently hold on campus. For students not currently involved in leadership positions, the experience they have at the conference inspires them to take on the responsibility of a leadership role on campus.

MLC 2013

The planning and implementation of the conference involves the collaborative efforts of professional staff, faculty, and student consultants. The student consultants are upperclassmen who work with professional staff and faculty to plan and implement all aspects of the conference. Through this experience, the student consultants transform their understanding of leadership by actively implementing leadership skills within a group dynamic to produce a desired outcome.

For questions regarding the conference, please contact  Dr. Matt Goodwyn, Assistant Dean of Students, at


Leadership Lecture Series

The Leadership Lecture Series provides an opportunity for lecturers to present their thoughts relative to the “Big Idea” concept of the year in a very dynamic interaction with the audience. The lecture provides a venue that expands upon the boundaries of conversation in a meaningful and purposeful way. The audience is provided an experience that places them within the lecture, that challenges them to think and reflect upon the content of the lecture relative to the “Big Idea”.

Big Idea: The Art of Battling Giants
The leadership lecture series is establishing a lecture venue that will be placing the audience in a period of time that demonstrates individuals battling giants. Giants in a philosophical sense, for example David and Goliath, Malcom X, Reggie Jackson, American Revolution...all of thes individuals and situations represent a period in time where there was a battle against a "GIANT". This lecture series is going to bring to life specific battles with giants to discuss and share the skills used in battling these GIANTS.

The leadership lecture series is designed to take the context of the “Big Idea” for the year and create an interactive lecture experience that challenges students, staff, and faculty in attendance to expand upon the boundaries of conversation in a meaningful and purposeful way.

The leadership lecture series is designed to utilize the “Big Idea” concept of the year in a fun interactive environment. The audience will have a unique interactive experience that places them in the lecture as a character of the portrayed context of the “Big Idea”

Program Outcomes
The audience will experience a lecture with an intentional and powerful idea associated with the concepts of the “Big Idea” for the year:

  • The audience will experience a lecture with a unique method of lecturing that is implemented and used effectively
  • The audience will have an interactive experience that places them in the context of the lecture
  • The audience will be challenged to answer questions that require deeper thinking and reflection.

Upcoming Lectures
View CIL calendar


i- IMPACT Leadership Program

See a Need, Fill a Need

i-IMPACT Leadership Conference

The i-IMPACT Leadership Program is specifically designed to develop student leadership through an interactive process where students work together in groups to establish a vision that would impact campus in a positive way.

During the conference, students work through a process of identifying a need on campus and then establishing how to fill that need. The vision is presented at the conference by the students and then voted on by their peers at the conference as to which vision will be shared with the university.

After the conference, the students whose vision was selected work with Student Services staff to prepare the vision presentation to be presented to the university and ultimately work towards implementation of the vision on campus.


How to attend?
Students are personally invited to attend the conference. Students who are invited either hold a leadership position on campus or have shown leadership qualities within other interactions they have had on campus. Students attending the conference are students who want to make an i-IMPACT and grow as leaders.

For questions regarding the conference, please contact Dr. Matt Goodwyn, Assistant Dean of Students, at