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Schreiner One's Town Hall is public posting place- meaning the forum is open to all internet users. All other areas of S1 are private or shared only with SU students, staff, and faculty.

Schreiner One

Schreiner One Information Page


Schreiner One is our main campus information portal, your personalized online connection for classes and campus information.

Schreiner One provides access to critical information such as course assignments, grades, financial information and an unofficial transcript. You can email your classmates, print out your schedule, or download a course handout; collaborate with group members, check your account balance and pay on-line, manage your own calendar, or customize your own page (My Pages). 

Check out the Schreiner Town Hall for local postings. *Note that Schreiner One's Town Hall forum is public and can be viewed by any internet user. Once signed in to Schreiner One all areas other than the Town Hall are private or is visable by a select number of SU users (students, staff, and faculty).

Account/How to Log-in

Go to

To log-in, use your Schreiner STUDENT ID # and your NETWORK PASSWORD
Type in your ID number in the User ID box and your password in the Password box, then click the Log-in button.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, enter your ID and click the I Forgot My Password link.  They system will send a new password to your Schreiner e-mail account.  If you have lost/forgotten your password to your Schreiner e-mail account, you must come by the Tech Office to obtain a new password.  Please bring your Schreiner photo ID with you.

Schreiner One Common Tasks/Troubleshooting

For additional help using Schreiner One, log on and then select the HELP tab.

Schreiner One Issues

If you are experiencing problems with Schreiner One please contact Kat Walker at 830.792.7353 or via email at


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