Personal Computer Repair at 2(SC)

Students, Faculty and Staff having trouble with a personal computer may bring it to the Student Computer Support Center, 2(SC), in the Logan Library Computer Commons area between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Student Tech Interns will work on your computer and/or make recommendations.  You will be asked to complete a liability release form, and to leave just the computer and the power cord. 

Watch your Schreiner e-mail from for a message from the KACE ticketing system.  This e-mail will tell you that your ticket is open and your ticket number.  You may check your ticket at any time to view progress updates.  If a technician needs input from you, it will be asked through this ticketing system and Schreiner e-mail.  Check it often.  You will be notified this way when your computer is ready to be picked up from 2(SC).


 Wireless Network

For trouble shooting the Apogee campus wireless network, please first consult MyResNet's FAQ page. If problems still exist or if you are unable to connect, please contact MyResNet's 24-hour student support center at 855.241.1587 (24/7 support) or 877-478-8858 (during business hours).

Email and Networking Issues

If you are experiencing issues with your assigned Schreiner Email account, or your username or password, please contact Enterprise Technology Services at 830-792-7344.

Schreiner One Issues

If you are experiencing problems with Schreiner One please contact Kathie Walker at 830.792.7353 or via email at

Printing and Print Allowance Issues

If you are having difficulty printing from a campus computer or need to put money into your print account, see the Computer Commons Facilitator, Rm 121 in the Logan Library Computer Commons, call 830-792-7262 or e-mail at