Campus Wired/Networked Computers

Students log-on to the "CAMPUS" domain from Logan Library, TLC tutoring lab, LSS tutoring lab, Weir 007, Moody Science 212, CH 117, and CH 213.

Networked computers on campus offer printing services at various locations on campus. For more info see Printing.

Networked computers on campus have a "standard" load of Microsoft applications: Office 2010 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.), Internet Explorer and Firefox. The operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise.  Special programs are added to certain computers as professors make them available for student use.

Campus Wireless Service - Apogee!

Schreiner University's wireless internet access is provided by Apogee, Inc. The wireless network is available only to SU students, faculty, staff and approved visitors. Users (including commuter students) must register following Apogee's processes at

For any Student issue with Apogee, call 855.241.1587.  Administrative personnel shall call 855-813-7022.

Students may create an account before arriving on campus and accounts must be renewed each semester.

Basic service which allows up to 5 devices is provided at no cost to SU students.  Upgraded services are available and must be paid for by the individual user.  Instructions and options are listed on the Apogee registration website.

Click on to create your account.

*Note- The wireless network is a different network from the one that logs onto the CAMPUS domain from campus wired/networked computers.  If you need to get a file from your personal computer on the wireless network to a Campus domain computer, attach it to an e-mail and send it to yourself, or save it to a USB drive and carry files between networks.

Having Trouble Connecting to the Wireless Network?

For troubelshooting campus wireless please first consult MyResNet's FAQ page. If problems still exist or if you are unable to connect, please contact MyResNet's 24-hour student support center at 855.241.1587 or 877-478-8858 .

End User Policy Rights

Please note that Internet service cannot be shared. You are purchasing an individual subscription that you can use from anywhere on Apogee's network with your confidential Apogee username and password. For security purposes, this protects you, your school, and Apogee. Sharing your username and password with others is a violation of the end-user agreement and will result in account termination. The end-user agreement can be found on Apogee's web site.

Certain devices can be damaging to the network and interfere with service to the end user. Routers, servers, access points, wireless printers or other such devices are NOT permitted on the network.

Consumer Protection

It is critical that you do the following before or immediately after you connect to the network for the protection of your computer:

1. Make sure virus protection software is installed on your computer. Update your software with the latest virus definitions, and then scan your computer. Please contact Logan Library Computer Help Desk at 830-792-7262 if you think your computer is infected or if you need antivirus software.

2. Configure your virus protection software so that it automatically searches for updates weekly and scans your computer daily.

3. Install all current Windows Updates or your OS of choice (Mac, Linux, etc.).