Cell Phone Connection

If you have difficulties connecting you phone to your SU e-mail account, people at the Logan Library Computer Help Desk are happy to assist you.

Configuring iPhone for Exchange(SU email)
iPhone. iPad, or iPod Touch

Select Settings from the menu.

Select Mail, Contact, and Calendars.

Select Add Account...

Select Microsoft Exchange.

Type the following information:

Email: SU e-mail address

(Username: SU network user name)

Password: SU network (e-amil) password

Description:  My Exchange Account

Tap Next, exchange verification will fail (this is expected behavior), tap Continue.

In the Server field, type: mail.schreiner.edu

Domain: campus

Username: SU network username (first part of the e-mail address)

Tap Next, IOS (Apple) will fail, then you can select "connect using SSL" (this is expected behavior);  OR OIS (Apple) will finalize all the information by showing check marks.

To have access to Schreiner's contacts, leave contacts connected and thrn turn on or off the other apps like calendar, notes, reminders, etc.

To use Apple address book for contacts (thus have photo support for the phone for contacts) turn Contacts off. To use the contacts in Outlook/Entourage as their source, leave it on.

Tap Save. Your account should now function properly.

Configuring Exchange for Windows Mobile

Open the ActiveSync application on the device (often accessed by Start > All Programs > ActiveSync).

Press the Menu button and select Add Server Resource.

In the Server Address field, enter mail.schreiner.edu

Check the box for "This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection" and press Next.

Enter your user name and password (Schreiner network user name & pw) and "Campus" as the Domain and press Next.

Select the items you wish to sync (e.g. Mail, Calendar, etc.).

Make sure SSL is checked

Press Finish then press OK.

Configuring Android phones for Exchange

The following instructions were created by using an Samsung Galaxy but should apply to any Android based phone with ActiveSync capabilities (e.g. Droid).

Open your programs list and tap the Mail icon.

If there are no email accounts configured, you will be prompted to select an account type to configure.  Tap Exchange ActiveSync.

If you already have an email account configured, you will need to press the Menu button and then tap More, then New account.  Tap Exchange ActiveSync.

Tap Manual setup.

Enter the following information:

Email address: student@schreiner.edu (where Student is your personal SU user name)

Server address: mail.schreiner.edu

Domain: campus

Username: your SU user name

Password: your SU password

Ensure that the This server requires and encrypted SSL connection option is enabled (checkmark).

Tap Next.

Make sure SSL is checked

Select the data you wish to have synchronized on the phone (Mail, Contacts, Calendar) and tap Finish setup.