Printing Overview
Printing in black and white or color is available to all campus users in computer classrooms and Logan Library using your Schreiner One user name and password.

Computers default to the nearest printer.  A two-sided option is offered on the Logan Library Duplex black and white (Library default) printer located at the circulation desk. The color printer must be selected in Logan Library.  The Moody 212 computer lab defaults to a color printer and must be told to print in black and white in order to save printing costs.

Schreiner students are provided with printing accounts whose balance is refreshed each semester. One black and white page costs five cents and one color print is fifteen cents.  Additional monies may be added to student printing accounts by consulting the Computer Commons Facilitator (Library Rm. 121) or the Library's Reference Desk.

P-Counter is the vending software program that monitors print requests. Student accounts are allotted $5/semester at no cost to the student. Before a print job will print, a pop-up window will appear on your monitor that requires your password. This pop-up also shows your print balance and the cost of the present print job.

Choosing a Printer
When you are on a networked campus computer (in the library or another campus computer lab) it will default to the nearest printer.  In places where there is a choice of printers, you may choose a printer from the available options. Ensure you are selecting the correct printer before clicking on the print button. For example, library computers have available a black and white printer (.05 cents per copy, double-sided .07 per copy) as well as a color printer (.15 cents per copy).

*Note:  Printing is not available from the campus wireless network. To print out something from your personal computer to a campus printer, please save your document to Cloud storage, on a USB drive or email the document to yourself, then log-on to a networked computer (library or campus lab) and run the print job.

Print Shop
Printing Services are available to Schreiner students, faculty, and staff through the Print Shop located on the 2nd floor of the Cailloux Campus Activity Center with the Mail Center.  For services and pricing, contact the Print Shop at 830.792.7391 or e-mail

Digital Scanners
Scanners are available in Logan Library, Weir 008, and in some computer classrooms across campus.

Photocopiers are available in Logan Library and the Cailloux Student Center.

FAX services are only available in the President's office and LSS in Dickey Hall.