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GivingFellow Alumni,

Alumni Support is critical to the success of Schreiner University. We are a diverse group who have experienced a Schreiner education since it was founded in 1923. Schreiner has evolved to become a university offering undergraduate and graduate education with state of the art facilities and innovative programs. As the profile of the institution improves, all of us who attended benefit from the successes and accomplishments of current and future students, just as they benefit from those who came before them.

Alumni giving is important to Schreiner's mission. As the individuals who have most directly benefited from a Schreiner education alumni support is fundamental for two reasons. The first is that it shows that we understand and appreciate the impact that Schreiner has in our lives and that we prioritize that with financial support. This speaks to a sincere belief in the importance of the learning that happens on campus. The second reason is that charitable giving allows Schreiner to continue to provide the quality in programs, faculty and facilities while maintaining competitive tuition. This allows the University to appeal to students who might not otherwise attend a school like Schreiner.

I can still remember the $25 check I wrote to support Schreiner after I secured my first "real" job. Any amount you give to Schreiner matters in a very real way to current and future students. I would appreciate your consideration in making a financial gift to Schreiner in any amount that you can. The school has many options for giving, including automatic monthly giving and has a wonderful staff that can answer any questions you have about giving to the school.

Thank you,

Kenneth Bethune, '05
Schreiner Former Students Association